How to Use a Centerstand

A brief video demonstrating how to put a motorcycle up on its centerstand.


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  1. Alan peralta says:

    great. now how do I bring it down 😑

  2. thanks to this, its really help.

  3. Steven01001 says:

    Odd… I never realized that this was an issue. I guess that when I got into biking all of them had center stands and people were used to it. I will say that my last bike (just over 600 lbs) was a little harder. I actually bent the part that you step on while lifting the bike onto the center stand. But Hey… If people are helped by this video then it's all good!

    It seems that many new bikes don't come with a center stand. I just bought a 2014 and had to buy an aftermarket stand for it. Since it's chain drive, not having a center stand is a serious omission.

  4. Worked like a charm! Thanks!

  5. Frank Rock says:

    Great video. Thanx. By the way how tall are you..?

  6. aaron won says:

    Mate,that was a very useful video. Thanks, but the main problem is not getting the bike on the main stand. The problem is getting it off the main stand. That was a light bike. High and heavy bike. That requires some skill to get it off the mainstand

  7. Not to hurt your feelings but wrong, yea had most of it right. How the center stand works is. level the bike as he showed. put 20 pounds pressure on the center stand, ya take your left  foot off the ground putting all your weight on the center stand. its the total pressure on your right foot that raises your bike. pull up with your right arm. its the pressures with your right leg and right arm that bring the bike up. you don"t have to sit there and jerk.

  8. Mark Paton says:

    What's going on with your hair, man? 

  9. RCFlyBoy314 says:

    The sales rep at one BMW dealership I visited showed me this! Super easy! I think it was the F700GS. Then I tried on another GS a day ago, had the worst time trying to do it.. have no idea why. It just wasn't over-caming easily…. worst was trying to get it off the stand, had the side stand down….

  10. allhardr0ck says:

    Thanks man, my new Yamaha Super Tenere is a bitch getting up but now its not so bad now i know how to properly get it on the center stand. Thanks

  11. Thanks once I came to know about the handle I could do it

  12. You look like you're about 9 feet tall beside that tiny bike. Try a 1980 CB750 when you are a regular sized human. I can do it but there is definitely a lot more grunting and profanity!

  13. DroneSeekr says:

    Thanks dude! It helped me a lot!

  14. Thanks a lot for this video! 🙂

  15. Helped me. I've just started riding again after a 35 year break and bought a KLR650. I could NOT get it up on the center stand until I watched your video. Thanks.

  16. twistcraft says:

    Thanks for a great video. I couldn't do it after the first two videos I watched, you taught me all I needed in a minute. Amazing!!!

  17. Aiman Arham says:

    Thanks bro , you just make my life easier . =D

  18. Dude, this is sooooo useful! Thank you so much for posting, I can't believe it's so easy 🙂

  19. good vid if your bigger than the bike. but i'm 150lbs and i ride a BMW 800RT, that's a 500lb bike (dry) and i have to use leverage to get my bike onto the center stand. simply lifting & straightening out my back would only injure me.

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