How to Replace Motorcycle Air Filter (K&N)

& haha funny story, I’m a noob, i realized the filter was upsidedown right when I turned off the camera so it DID end up being the right model!!! YAY!! Just couldn’t be bothered filming it again lolzz Pretty easy improvement to the bike, it’s guaranteed 1,000,000 miles and with the improved acceleration/horsepower you can’t go wrong! LIKE/COMMENT/SUB!
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19 Comments to “How to Replace Motorcycle Air Filter (K&N)”

  1. BillyTutt says:

    Who stayed for the PUG ATTACK at the end of the vid?? lolzzz

  2. zach1144 says:

    I was just about to tell you it was upside-down and then i read the description

  3. tyler frank says:

    I think you put the filter upside down … Lol

  4. V4GAMER says:

    That air filtler though ( icon for video)

  5. Shift-Light says:

    lol… i was about to say upside down when i read your comment.

  6. MKRider says:

    Lol, well at least you didn't need to buy a new one that 'fits'

  7. Kawi450 says:

    0:45 Suzuki is Japanese, it's metric :D

  8. The art at 2:09 made the video :P

  9. Brooooo I was your 7000th sub!!!

  10. TeeJae84 says:

    Still rocking the sv650 breh, thinking of moving to a 600 Supersport?  I'm still on my sv650s (pretty much mirror version of yours.  color and all).  Been looking at the R6.

  11. Clutchy says:

    Hehe now for a test ride/performance review

  12. You'd be a good

  13. Mr. Lunatic says:

    waddup gokumitsu, what do you think about a "rieju rs2 matrix" as a beginner bike/scooter, how do you think it looks?

  14. DuMDuM3000 says:

    I face palm'd and lol'd quite a few times during this one-I usually ruin things for myself by reading description first(not this time, I was sitting there like NOO, DONT PUT IT BACK TOGETHER YOU'RE RIGHT THERE!!)

    Also for the seat did you actually use an Allen size to get that torx fastener off??? Lol keep the vids comin!

  15. jocseda says:

    Maaaaaaan, you placed it upside-down, thats why it didn't fit on your bike. check for "UP" sign on the filter, that goes UP! 😉 :)

  16. Put a k&n filter in my R6…… Luv it. Good how to buddy

  17. Chris G says:

    You have to remove the o-ring of the airbox first too.

  18. Geo Rider says:

    why would you draw a dick on your bike?)))))))))))))))

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