26 Comments to “How to remove motorcycle decals”

  1. wdfortyplus says:

    I want to remove a decal from my petrol tank? Not wanting to use heat on a petrol tank for obvious reasons. 

  2. directordc says:

    could also use nail polish remover will get all the stickiness off very easily after getting the sticker of

  3. Will this work on a scooter?

  4. moccina says:

    PB Blaster. But you can use wd-40 just as well.

  5. Jordy olivo says:

    What oil did u use to take off the white lines I couldn't catch what it was

  6. The tires look like lego motorcycle wheels

  7. moccina says:

    Not sure what you mean by blocks ? The bike took corners like a champ

  8. I would not want to corner on those tires… they look likes blocks.

  9. You can use tar and insect remover or label & sticker remover, just make sure to wash away the remover with alot of water 🙂

  10. ic3p1k says:

    I pulled the decals off of my 7 year old R1 fairings – the paint underneath was newer than the paint next to the decals. Basically it looks like a shadow of the decal is still there. Hopefully they'll fade away in time.

  11. Audun Leraan says:

    What is the thing you´re using to remove the last piece of the decals? I dont think we have that in norway… Do you have a more international name for that type of oil?

  12. thubb6 says:

    Best demo thus far. Thanks.

  13. Craig C says:

    Is that all there is to it, specifically – removing the clear coat lines? Any additional tips? I'm concerned about scratching, as I'm removing decals from gloss black (plastic) fairings.

  14. moccina says:

    I used a heat gun. They are basically the same thing, only they come with attachments that help focus the hot air where you want it to blow.

  15. moccina says:

    I have an idea, you should make another account so you can reply to your own comment again here

  16. Candy Raider says:

    Yes. Very irritating. Hearing themselves talk convinces them that they sound like they know WTF they're talking about. Just do it. We don't need or want a verbal step-by-step.

  17. clicker says:

    Why do so many of you say "gonna wanna do" when giving instructions? How about just telling what to do?

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