4 Comments to “How to Remove and Install a Battery – Indian Motorcycle”

  1. Rob A says:

    Can someone at Indian please tell me why you show these "how to" videos with the torque settings text, however fail to add the actual setting itself? EG, 10nm, 4nm etc? Thanks.

  2. Could use better camera angles.

  3. tmaddrummer says:

    Not very helpful for my 2009 Vintage……. Also, wrap a towel or rag around the VCM to protect from damaging contact. Blessings!!!

  4. Hey..INDIAN USA… what's the fkn deal man…!?? Why can't you send over the $200 'so called' "special tool" to the UK dealers and franchise workshops that is required to install the Stage II performance Cams…!!!??? I bought my Stage II cam set around 2 months ago now and I'm still waiting for INDIAN USA to send over the tool to uK dealers so that they can be installed on my Chief Vintage..!!! The tool was released to all US dealers over 5 fkn months ago…what's the fkn hold up sending some of these $200 special tools over the Pond!!?? YOUR LETTING US BRIT INDIAN RIDERS DOWN VERY BADLY.. AT THIS RATE I'LL BE SELLING THE BIKE AND GOING BACK TO HD VERY SOON…!!!!!

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