How to Paint Motorcycle Wheels & Polish Rims

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20 Comments to “How to Paint Motorcycle Wheels & Polish Rims”

  1. lee man says:

    aint gonna work n powder coated wheels

  2. Joel FPV says:

    Peeling was so satisfying to watch

  3. shovel268 says:

    wow you did a fantastic job

  4. Sabuj Jana says:

    excellent job, however you could have put clear coat on the metal surface too

  5. party grizly says:

    awesome rim kawasaki ar

  6. Kenneth Bell says:

    Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Justin Gray says:

    That is a fantastic exhibition of your patience, skill and pride

  8. hi sir, can u paint my wheel? kawasaki gto, black wheel and rim polish.

  9. what is the type of this malaysia i haven't see this type of sport we only have kawasaki AR80/125 and kawasaki GTO only

  10. Very Professional Job! I like the use of a clear coat, although they mean that you should not use a steam cleaner on it. I also like to remove the tyre, its amazing how much dirt there is on inside of the rim where a tyre has sat for many years. Well Done!

  11. Its that Kawasaki AR Rims…

  12. Yannel Yusop says:

    boring! just put music if you cant speak!

  13. Salman Man says:

    i love pink and chrome in my kawa gto rims ^^

  14. i have a friend in malaysia..they call dat sport rims 'AR 125'..the most cheap and expensive wheel..but according b brand ,original and plagiarism:)

  15. wow you are so creative and genius. konnichiwa 😁

  16. Paul Smith says:

    I always admire the detail of Japanese craftmanship. Excellent job Mr Toshio Matsuzawa! Please create more videos. Thanks!

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