How To Motorize Adult Trike and Bicycle – Install Motor Kit

How To Motorize Adult Trike and Bicycle – Install Motor Kit


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  1. David Stump says:

    do you install this kit on Pennington trikes?

  2. kc8owk says:

    I had a front mount motor once and it was fine except in wet weather the it tended to slip on the tire and lose friction. I have since gone to a rear mount chain drive. I bought a kit that mad the bike to unbalanced because it hung to far out the back so I am now building one the has the motor over the rear axle.

  3. your camera angle is way off dude

  4. Matthew says:

    dude adjust the camera, can we get a remake!

  5. Do you know how long a full tank lasts? What kind of gas does it take?

  6. Dee Krick says:

    Would you know where I could just buy one of these already put together, I'm in Florida and I have been looking for one for at least 4 months I now have MS and am not able to ride my 18 speed bike with out falling over or off. my balance well it sucks bad.

  7. Juan Oliva says:

    one address in Mexico where I could get the motor please!!!! greetings

  8. if its in the front would u smell the gas coming out of the moter

  9. That is incredibly ugly on a trike.

  10. stuck with a bike and kit and unable to fully assemble it…

  11. Damn! Just like how I use to start my 1948 Whizzer!

  12. Tiffany Lynn says:

    You had the camera too low when you were describing components so couldn't see

  13. Dylan gatzka says:

    You are awesome the builds you do are mind blowing I'm trying to get my cafe racer bike going your videos are really helping .THANK YOU 👍🏻

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