How To Install an Air Filter & Cleaner for Harley at

How To Install an Air Filter & Cleaner for Harley

Clean air is vital to the health and performance of your Harley. The OE air cleaners are usually good, but why not install something that’s GREAT? Take a peek a we walk you through a typical air filter and air cleaner installation on our trusty Street Glide, starring once again as our test mule. So many people step into a better air cleaner assembly – see why!


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  1. m garcia says:

    Hey Lemmy I have a Honda shadow rs and I'm looking for a matte black air cleaner kit, can u give me some suggestions please. Thanks

  2. jothain says:

    HD mentioned with word performance always makes me chuckle

  3. Great video 👍I would like to know your suggestion regarding whether I should go for replacing the stock air filter with K&N filter or with full air assembly , I would keep my stock exhaust and use FP3 for tuning which I already have.

  4. So you are saying that , with stock exhaust K&N filter will be all that I need if I am happy with stock cover looks.

  5. Bill Molash says:

    Do I need to use loctite?

  6. Another good video Lemmy 😉  Make it look easy;)

  7. Ace00731 says:

    Laughed when i heard "not that much money for an airfilter" Because most are 350-500, a decent chunk of change if i might say. But i had a question. If I get the Fuelpak FP3 and use it for my Iron, and lets say i eventually get a new set of pipes and use it for that. Can i use the FP3 to tune it for a new air cleaner as well? Or do i need to get that other expensive Fuel management system as well? WHOOPS never mind that… Just noticed that the FP3 was on the fuel management section. Though still, will i be able to Select the Air cleaner modification, like you do the pipes, in the app.

  8. RevZilla
    You're very good and to the point! Very good to watch, very good explanations. Very easy to understand. You may feel you repeat yourself a lot, but it is necessary for the unexperienced person. You make it easier for the unexperienced, good job!

  9. Josh Brolin says:

    I just bought a 2016 Iron 883. Out of curiosity, i took off the slip on pipes and just running straight pipes. Will that damage my bike over time?

  10. Hi Lemmy, just watching you whizz off those breather bolts, unfortunately attempted the same job on my 2013 Breakout today and could only remove one of them, the other one is rounded off. Any suggestions for the best way of removing a stubborn breather bolt that seems to be loctited and mega tight? Keep up the good work man!

  11. I have 2013 fatboy, and it comes with sensor on the stock air intake, so if I decide to change the stock one then I have to disconnect the sensor then the result will be check engine light will switch on, so how can I fix this issue?

  12. Play at .5 speed for drunk lenny.

  13. I have a "14" HD Softail Slim, I just put V&H Short shots on it. Really liking how the S&S looks to keep it old school looking. If I do get the S&S Super, can I just drive to my local dealer and have them do the tune up work or do I just need to get a fuel pack? Note: All I did was throw the pipes on thus far. Bike is bone stock except for the pipes. Thanks guys

  14. MOTO-079 says:

    K&N filters are awesome XD you just wash them out, let them dry (like dry dry not other is still a little bit of water in it) and that you use the K&N air filter oil on it and you have a new filter 😀 that looks nicer performs better and will cost you less in the end ; )

  15. Dirty D says:

    Great Video… Thanks!
    I did notice the cheap Stanley Phillips Screwdriver.
    That tells you how often you use a Phillips on a Harley :-)

  16. what about this dreaded oil mist on sportsters 2007/2008 show us how to install a horseshoe air filter kit, that would be food man.

  17. Doug White says:

    You might think about putting a drop of blue loctite on the adaptor bolts so you don't end up sucking a loose screw into you motor .s&s recommends this when installing a backing plate

  18. Paul Hampton says:

    That's the first time i've heard an American use the word "knackered"!…

  19. do you need a computer to tell you what size jets you'll need to balance things out with the new air filter and cleaner? or will the air filter/cleaner  come with a recommendation on what size jets should be used with that particular filter/cleaner? basically can I do this on my own?

  20. David Galeon says:

    Can you use the stock crank breather bolts with this kit?

  21. RedMoWarrior says:

    I don't need to do this, im just watching because this TV series is just entertaining xD

  22. So recently I broke my gsxr 600 k7 bike apart for a new paint job and stator regulator (oem parts) change. I have change almost everything to new in the bike since I'm the second owner and don't want to run into problems. Recently after putting my bike together iam experiencing electrical issues. the bike will start and run good but soonest I turn it off it won't turn back on until hours later.. any tips ??? I am totally new to the bike world everything I learn it's from the manual and your channel. my nearest bike shop charges $200 to check plus what ever needs to be change…

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