How to Flush the Radiator on your Motorcycle and Change the Coolant

We go into detail explaining the differences in ethylene glycol vs propylene glycol, why many race tracks don’t allow glycol, then walk you through, step-by-step, …


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24 Comments to “How to Flush the Radiator on your Motorcycle and Change the Coolant”

  1. Can i use this vinegar water mixture in a aluminum rediator..?

  2. Jay Lopez says:

    Never have I read on the factory service manuals to use Vinager to flush the cooling system.

  3. Dave Almeida says:

    I have 2012 triumph Daytona, bike won't start when hot.
    yesterday went for a short ride and coolent was spraying out for a bit then stopped.
    went for another 10 min ride – temp light and engine light came on- noticed fan doesn't kick in until 7 bars-
    any ideas

  4. Erik Edgar says:

    Thanks for the video! Very informative. I'll be switching to propylene glycol for my project bike for street use.

  5. Alex Lenas says:

    what type of coolant you used?

  6. informative. like pet awareness as well cool .thanks

  7. 2:35 the second you said dog food his eyes lit up

  8. What is the coolant capacity, wanted to know so I can prepare adequate coolant mixture. I have a 2013 Yamaha R1

  9. Adrian Josh says:

    well I'm from Philippines very hot country, what is recommended coolant for us?

  10. umjim says:

    Well explained, simple to the point. Good shit mate

  11. rajan kumar says:

    In how many km collant should be changed

  12. Fer way says:

    Very helpful video for us motorcycle noobs. I have one question though. Once the cooling system is topped off can I let the bike run with the radiator cap off to expel any air trapped in the system?

  13. Kawaii Ninja says:

    can you just use distilled water. also for long term

  14. kevin Doyle says:

    just bought a 96 VN800 classic, got no owners/service manual, so i found this video of yours very helpful, did a run of 33kms, no fan movement yet. so time for our old friend Y-Tube. thanks . kev.

  15. tnx man.very helpfull.nice ragerds from croatia.

  16. extremely confident and coherent lecture. thank you. working on a gl500 silverwing.

  17. KelPL says:

    superb video. thanks for posting it. Am now your subscriber because you have way more useful stuff on your channel. Cheers.

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