5 Comments to “How To Fix: 1968 BSA Starfire Starting Problems”

  1. Hoverbot1TV says:

    Take the brake pivot off and fold it backwards and replace those cheese pozi head screws and tighten on diagonals to avoid warpage. Find tdc before trying to kick it that is basic single procedure it's not a fake modern Triumph made by slave labor in Thailand! 441rider 35 year BSA daily rider.

  2. If you look inside the engine this one is very good it has been well looked after no rust the nuts and screw heads are all good, it has not been molested. These bikes
    if set up right should start first or second kick with a little bit of tickling, I never had
    problems with starting with the ones I owned, but on old bikes a complete replacement of ignition circuit and parts can make a big difference.

  3. Gen Me says:

    its better to inspect the clutch plates before tightening the clutch springs, if that clutch had been slipping a while the cork plates could be damaged.

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  5. cihelmrich says:

    Excellent maintenance tutorial Rod. Thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to your next instalments.

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