How to Change the Oil in a Motorcycle – Triumph Street Triple R 2012 Oil Change

Time for an oil change! Have done about 6000 k’s since the first service, and thought I’d give her a fresh drink of oil and a new filter in between services.


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  1. THX2012 says:

    Fill the oil filter with oil before installing! Use a torque wrench!

  2. sdfg sdfg says:

    I've seen lots of Triuph  videos and there are oil marks underneath the bikes,i've also heard that Triumph Daytonas had oil leaks problems? If anyone knows something on that topic that'd be appriciated.thanks

  3. You will not feel any difference after the oil change!!! It is just placebo!!! 

  4. hearliam says:

    Hey Oldman, can you do a vid on changing the coolant? just bought a triple so this is really helpful, thanks.

  5. Waldo25m says:

    Uh Oh! I think I see a spot of oil on your bare skin. Looks like you're a dead man.:)

  6. Roxic12 says:

    Excellent video man, it's hard to put out good quality how-to videos. Appreciate it.

  7. CHeWy says:

    Run Penrite Ten Tenths Racing Oil…….Then see what happens to your gearbox. Turns to silk!


  9. kingcrumpet says:

    Haha, Motul… Gotta love the power of good marketing. Although, I'm surprised people still blindly believe the great bike oil myth. Here's a helpful tip… Penrite 10 Tenths Racing is one of the best oils on the market today for the money. It far exceeds the quality and standards of all Motul oils and is a shit load cheaper (this is called win win). If you still think a brilliant oil like this will magically fuck up your clutch or something else, please conduct some research into the subject.

  10. OldManTriple says:

    supposedly your ok til next service but i wanted to change mine anyway hehe

  11. Hells Guards says:

    hey OMT just did my first service (800 km) last week and oil is full synthetic, should i still change the oil after 5-6k km or im good until next service?

  12. brindyman says:

    apparently supercheap auto takes old oil now just gotta take it in. winning. well in qld now anyway 😀

  13. tonee88 says:

    How many litres did you end up putting in? I did mine today Inc filter and I had to fill up nearly 4litres

  14. 56yqc says:

    Good idea wearing the gloves. Like watching your videos especially the drags! Keep it up!

  15. OldManTriple says:

    one metric bunch 😛

    I can't remeber really.. sorry!

  16. Gnutimesfive says:

    How much was "a bunch more oil"?

  17. BillyTutt says:

    haha dude thats a weird question

  18. swaples9 says:

    what kind of stand do you have?

  19. turbo311 says:

    Don't know about the Street Triple, but I'd guess it's the same… My Tiger 800 manual says use full synthetic at first service (500mi) and then doesn't need another change for 7500 miles. I know some say don't use synthetic until after 10k miles or whatever, but I think that's old school thinking and not considering modern engine tolerances. Go by the manual.

  20. Matt Cardone says:

    Nice job. Just got my 2011 Speedy SE. Excited to get ripping on the road.

  21. OldManTriple says:

    The camera on my chest is a gopro hero 2

  22. OldManTriple says:

    This was filmed mainly on a DSLR.. a Canon 450D.

  23. Matt Cardone says:

    Hey what kind of video cam is that. Really cool want to pick one up.

  24. zon zod says:

    Do a coolant change pleasee!!!! 😀

  25. zon zod says:

    Hey man, will you ever do a coolant change or replacement?? That would be greatly appreciated if you can anyhow :D.

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