How to buy your Harley Davidson

This short video will give some pro tips and insight into purchasing your next Harley with confidence. If you have any questions call Garrett @ Biggs Harley-Davidson 760-481-7300


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  1. dammmm very informative… didnt no jack about different kind of motorcycles..

  2. xtremerollin says:

    how to buy a Harley? go across the street and get something better for half the price.

  3. Great learning video thanks

  4. Brady Skeen says:

    BTW I wouldn't personally ever consider the Harley maybe a Vrod a "sport" they don't do anything better than a normal sport bike even 600 bullet bikes. I do love riding my Harley and it is nice and relaxing. Not anything related as a sport though.

  5. Brady Skeen says:

    I like the breakdown. Myself I bought the Softail Slim. It was the nest best looking bike in my opinion and had the 103 engine. The Dyna and sportster looked way to small for my build when sitting on the bike. I just sold a CBR1000RR and have had a couple other liter supersport bikes which all run high 9 seconds quarter mile times bone stock. I love the look of my bike but am now thinking I should have got a VRod. The problem is the Slim looks so much more like a classic bad ass cool as can be Harley. I need a Softail Slim with Vrod engine! I can't get over how slow the bike I have now feels and I paid $17,100 out the door brand new. Ouch!

  6. JM76Miller says:

    Not a good sales man.Rode my Buell in under 24 hours after work (third shift). Sounds like you want to sell big Harleys, not what a rider wants.

  7. pim1234 says:

    500 and 750 aren't Harley's

  8. Johnny Vegas says:

    A lot of people are morons and can't ride for shit. They have to take a riding course and if yo have to do that you probably ain't ready for a Harley.

  9. +Garrett Heller what would you advise a guy living in Sothern Ontario, (where our weather is similar to Buffalo NY), who needs bike and is going to use it as his main form of transportation for just about everything, between the months of March-November?  Great vid BTW, I subbed.

  10. The only Harley's that I saw this weekend were the ones riding in groups as I passed them on my BMW. I also saw plenty of small groups stopped on the side of the roads and they were all walking around smoking cigarettes. They all looked so cool.

  11. Kirk Slater says:

    good video. its refreshing to see someone cutting the crap and just spreading the basic skeleton of which bikes to buy. too many guys try and sell some cool factor instead of trying to sell the purpose of the bike. if that makes any sense.

  12. Tharin 4Prez says:

    A ton of years ago I had a bobber created for me. My butt was only about 28" off the pavement .. and the rigid frame was spine numbing after 40 miles or so. I road it for sport and events only. Two years ago I decided it was time to let it go, purchased a tri-glide for my wife and I and haven't thought of that bobber since. Last year I put nearly 15k miles on it! Absolutely love it!

  13. Daniel Galli says:

    Dyna's should have dual disc brakes standard…

  14. debowh says:

    Well said ! Kudos for the whole breakdown

  15. appreciate the video but it's mainly common sense. test drive them and see what you are safe and comfortable in while having fun. sucks for me though that I love the body and everything about the new 2016 street glide but I'm too dam weak and small to carry the weight of that through the city lol

  16. can you contact me 're importing harleys to ireland.

  17. can you ship to irelànd garret

  18. Never trust a leech of a salesman who wears sunglasses inside…he doesnt even wanna see the crap he is selling..

  19. Bruce Klein says:

    I like Harley's,hell I even own one.But what I don't like are the attitudes,opinions,and the we are holier than thou motor company and seemingly all of the dealership people.I am within 75 miles from 5 dealerships and they all look and act the same.Take the guy in the video for example,from his hat,sunglasses(indoors)and ill fitting jeans he is the classic HD douchebag.He thinks he's better and cooler than you and is part of what's wrong with HD.This is much of the reason I'm saving up for a new Indian.

  20. Kyle Jackson says:

    even better idea. DONT BUY ONE

  21. Vishnu A.K says:

    No offence but the way you referring sweet heart thru me

  22. Vishnu A.K says:

    I strongly feel you are mocking non American customers with this video. ..

  23. CC is important but HP and Torque is what makes a beast it's like comparing a diesel with a Porsche.
    If Harley doesn't start making naked bikes then Ducati and Aprilia and R1 will continue to Dominate.
    And leave Harley guys behind. Wondering what that was that passed them like a beast.

  24. hay men ,stis kip reven to end motorcicle for me ,from brasil sp ,free tenks!

  25. ok, next time without the noise going on as well….

  26. Geno Swift says:

    great video!!!! wish you was in my area, cuz the local dealer here wants to always up sale. my thought is IF you get someone started they will come back and be loyal to your store and service.
    again thanks I've been looking but now I can narrow my search

  27. Great video!! Just what I needed to hear. Very down to earth and educational. Thank you!!!

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