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  1. never fear, you can do it without the setting liquid, i did as a kid.

  2. how do I apply them if I don't have the decal setting liquid

  3. Just tried doing my first practice decals. . . total fail. The first one wouldn't unstick off the backing at first, then as soon as it was slidable, moving it made it break into several parts! Also, my microset beads up on the surface of my test model, and the decal sort of floats on that and wont 'stick' to the surface. . . almost repelled by the surface. Glad I did a test first lol

  4. what happens if you only have the water and sicciors

  5. Jager Hans says:

    Does this work for the decals on restored nazi helmets?

  6. Does it work the same with Revell planes?

  7. Thanks a heap for this video. Very helpful, I always have trouble with decals.

  8. This dude mentions old decals in this vid: .youtube.com/watch?v=HimjzzDmEJI Him or his society might be able to help you 🙂

  9. It's called Micro Sol, I'm getting myself some off ebay before I attempt my spitfire decals!! XD .ebay.co.uk/itm/MICROSCALE-MICRO-SET-DECAL-SETTING-REMOVAL-SOLUTION-1-FL-OZ-MSSET-MI-1-NEW/310841009792?_trksid=p5197.m2280&_trkparms=aid%3D333005%26algo%3DRIC.FIT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D319%26meid%3D4763755832119567941%26pid%3D100068%26prg%3D1175%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D310841009792%26clkid%3D4763756838425217961&_qi=RTM1572015

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  11. smoceskreen says:

    Will it be OK if I spray on some lacquer (varnish) finish? Will it seep through the decal and ruin it? I applied a few decals onto my diecast cars but through time, it seems to be peeling off. So I don't want it to happen on my next project.

  12. Ducesweden says:

    What did you call that what you are using after 4:35? I need it written so i can figure out what it's called in swedish.

  13. Will J. says:

    Im a beginner.
    Would it work if I put the micro sol on a matt surface and then applied the decal or does the surface need to be gloss before I do anything with the decal?

  14. SGmatorral06 says:

    i see the great heisenberg found a new hobby hehe

  15. MrAgarithm says:

    Hi, i have a model plane that comes with some really old decals. However, the decals do not seem to be able to slide off the paper backing even though i have dipped it into water for 2mins. This resulted in me trying to peel the decals off instead. Needless to say, the tore apart. Any advice on this?

  16. Rotard12a says:

    Season 12 of Breaking Bad: Walt works on models

  17. Elias Lopez says:

    You need to add something else,like a clear coat for automotive paint.

  18. musicfamily says:

    The adhesive quality of today's decals is pretty bad. Once the water dry up, the decals fall off. Is there any solution to this?

  19. once dried, or set, do the decals maintain their quality? or would they scratch off easily?

  20. Do i need the setting solution to stick it? I didn't get any when i got my model.


  21. HobbyLobbyRC says:

    Yes, that is all you need. It will last a very long time.

  22. TheWurger says:

    Hi, I have the product that you recommended in order to glue the decals, but what I really want to know is if with that product only is it enough for the decals to stay glued or stuck for a very long period of time, or in this case do you recommend any other product to avoid the decals from deteriorating and they getting unglued because of time. thank you so much.. awaiting for your prompt response.

  23. Tyler Stence says:

    Because i just ordered a HMM Blade Liger model kit from kotobukiya and i want to make it look nice

  24. Tyler Stence says:

    What about plastic model kits such as gunpla? Does this work?

  25. HobbyLobbyRC says:

    They get stuck even without the solution. The decal solution really helps it sink into the foam and hold up well.

  26. Interesting vid. I happen to have the Decal setting solution but I still have a doubt about the decals. Do they really get stuck with that solution or do I need to apply any other product such a varnish or coating that you would recommed? Or just by applying as shown is enough? thank you so much..

  27. oh wow man that is amazing to me i am just coming back to modeling after doing it as a youngster. i dreaded doing decals then and now am a little apprehensive of doing still until i watched your video i just have to try and find the stuff in the bottle i could't hear or see what you called it but i want some i mainly build older cars and trucks customized so it will be cool to figure out how do to do the decals better. thanks for your time and knowledge

  28. jdunk2145 says:

    So then the adhesive swells with water and then shrinks as it drys?

  29. felneymike2 says:

    Great video, I used to make Airfix as a kid, but after the first model (a Saab Draken, which my dad helped with) I used to just cut out the decals with scissors and glue them on, paper and all XD. I wanna get back into it, and got a Falklands War double set, but modern jet fighters have tiny markings and it's a bit intimidating XD. Gonna get something simple with big ones, like a Red Arrow or Korean War Mig tomorrow, to get my eye in XD

  30. Synthematix says:

    im applying waterslide decals to a dj mixer, what is that decal fix stuff called?

  31. i used this video not to learn how to put water slide decals on planes but on nascars thanks this really helped

  32. tuber00009 says:

    Hallo Sir,

    Do you HAVE to use those substances to apply the decal? I recently purchased an Airfix 72 scale Folland Gnat. I would like to apply a decal to the cockpit area but have none of that special decal substance.

    Can I get away without using it?

  33. CMONNOOB says:

    I'm bored .. So I'm starting on an AH-64 Apache modelkit, I've done modelkits before but have never applied the decals. You sir, make it look like it's nothing! I'm definatly going to try it! (next step is painting? O_o)

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