How It’s Made Harley Davidson


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  1. kirkwb says:

    This was a cool look at the factory in York, PA where HD makes its dressers. Highly recommend going there sometime to take the factory tour. It's interesting and, best of all, it's free!

  2. Truth BeTold says:

    Harley is a nice bike – if only the owners would keep them quiet. Smaller the penis, the louder the bike!

  3. Dragan M says:

    It never fails, hahaha makes my day to see losers making insulating and inacurate comments about the most iconic bikes in the world and the most customized bikes by custom builders. Ya so I guess what these douche bags of infinite wisdom are saying is all the talented bike builders are usimg junk and people are buying it like hotcakes lol, man what a joke! Keep dreaming losers because you will never afford such a masterpiece!

  4. Will Healy says:

    I had a Harley Davidson ad for this vid lol

  5. 43854586 says:

    lol look at all those white trash meth heads putting them together :D

  6. Brett Young says:

    How a Harley is made… 2 ton chunk of steel and Chinese parts to make it road legal

  7. HD people love their bike more than religion. I know why because I own few different bikes and I like each one of them, but HD I feel there is an especial connection between us. don't know why.

  8. Biker Tramp says:

    If this was a riceburner factory all you would see is plastic injection molding presses…

  9. ArtScience says:

    Cool! A tour through a tractor factory…

  10. We are not feeling the love here children 😘

  11. wehicle choise of bald,small penis neo nazi.

  12. You left out the part where u sit a short, fat, bald guy with a small penis on the seat.

  13. Mark Palmer says:

    How to build a potato-potato grenade.

  14. J Ostonal says:

    how its made Harley Davidson? easy, sperm and egg cell

  15. Tim Shiflett says:

    so many better Cruisers are offered for less by other companies.

  16. Osel Somar says:

    Only faggots and rich old farts drive Harley Davidson these days.

  17. Say petrol one more fucking time!

  18. paul white says:

    a bike with a soul,i felt like a king when riding mine

  19. thadenjamie says:

    Sooo cool!!! Wish I could have a new bike like this straight from the warehouse. You guys and girls do an awesome job!!

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