Homemade Motorcycle Side-Mount License Plate Holder

I made this license plate mount a while ago, but unfortunately didn’t video the process. Still, I thought showing the final product (and the pieces) might give some …


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16 Comments to “Homemade Motorcycle Side-Mount License Plate Holder”

  1. Scott Deeter says:

    Well off to Home Depot!! Nice video brother!!!

  2. That's AWESOME! I am going to try. My nickname is McGyver so lets hope I can own up to it!

  3. aschwally says:

    My hands. 🙂 Carefully, so you get the curve even, but unless you get really thick metal it's easy to bend it.

  4. 2chainsjuder says:

    great idea, what did you use to bend the plate holder?

  5. aschwally says:

    I was going to add an LED strip light…but the inspection guy said I didn't need it (only the red reflectors) and so far neither have any traffic officers. The taillight does illuminate it somewhat.

  6. Nacho Llama says:

    How did you fix up the license plate light or is the running light bright enough to keep you out of trouble?

  7. aschwally says:

    I bought my stuff at Lowe's, but I'm sure Home Depot or other hardware stores have the same materials. Should not be hard to find!

  8. can i buy these pieces of metal at home depot ?

  9. Harris Ang says:

    i lol'd nice instructional video! and entertaining to watch! you've changed me from buying one worth about 150$! Thanksss!!!

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