History’s Fastest Motorcycles

A (nearly) complete look back at the fastest production motorcycles throughout history. More at http://www.motocyclopedia.com/ 1906 FN Four 40mph 1912 Scott …


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  1. QuantreXx says:

    My ZX11 is fast enough.

  2. Kauhoja2 says:

    The V65 Magna appeared from 1986 to 1989 in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest production motorcycle with a "design speed" of 173 to 176 miles per hour (278 to 283 km/h). During this period the production motorcycle with the fastest tested speed was the 151–158 miles per hour (243–254 km/h) Kawasaki GPZ900R.

  3. 70 mile an hour for 1914 is fair good.

  4. NOAL46 says:

    anyone know a video about kawasaki history ?

  5. It's not a fairy tale, look up fastbikes comparison, in part 3 they do roll-on tests between the ZX-12R and Hayabusa, and each time the 'Busa gets smoked, look it up.

  6. i would not ride the first half of this list past 20 mph without worrying about them falling apart

  7. KapteinOpel says:

    Hey, u forgot the 1978 Suzuki GS 1000…

  8. EdWatts says:


    Sorry, no. That is, indeed, a Z-1; the H-1 was a two-stroke, 500 cc triple, and the H-2 was the H-i's big brother at 750 cc. The Z-1 was a DOHC, 903-cc inline four -cylinder bike sold from autumn of 1972 as a 1973 model, through the Z-1A of 1974 and the Z-1B of 1975. The motorcycle was then detuned a bit and released as the 1976 KZ 900 in the fall of 1975. The 1976 model year marked the end of the two-stroke street bikes in the United States, due to pressure from the EPA.

  9. 1Geronimo1 says:

    1986 GPZ 1000 RX fastest ever made back then 255.5 km/h

  10. dewwed1965 says:

    I'm glad You put "Nearly" in there, because I didn't see the Honda Magna V65. They hold all kinds of records in the Guinness Book of World Records! From the '80s. Fastest production bikes for like 4 or 5 years in a row! Check it out.

  11. greengaurd says:

    @powertoweight100 the 1912 scott is a two stroke

  12. mike3684 says:

    @papafsg lol ik…. "I" know that, i currently own a 1972 H2 750, but my buddy who thinks he know bikes, really doesnt… im always signed on so anything that gets posted come to my email….. thanks though!

  13. ed85239 says:

    @JACKtheRIPP3R189,owh in that case, change the title to "History of Motorcycles Brands" or "Best Models from Motorcycles Manufacturer". Done.

  14. @ed85239 "piss off MV Agusta"

    Pfft, pearls before swine, and who cares for the braying of swine? MV is simply the business.

  15. they reviewed the vincent black shadow in top gear cool bike, 

  16. mike3684 says:

    @ 0:33 thats not a Z1, thats an H1, the Z1 was a higher performance KZ900 and the H1 (H1E) was a 500 cc little brother to the H2, which in 1973 was the fastest motorcycle made, not the H1…

  17. vtecboi18 says:

    look at all these hayabusa fanboys smh lol

  18. ed85239 says:

    nice video….BUT….u forget the 99-00 Ninja ZX-12R "A1"…. u ride that bike, u know how's the feel..0-300+km/h not more than 25seconds….piss off MV Agusta

  19. cyblur says:

    that was cool. nice video.

  20. wrong 12 r fastest evermade behind it is the widdle maker or the ttr 1000 both band from production on the agreement that no bike would serpass the 186 mark back in 2002 because gov was going to step in and cancel productions if the bikes kept exclerating in speed

  21. mark3evo says:

    Jack frost turbo busa does 256 mph but has 700 bhp
    to go faster than 200 mph you need alot of hp, as bikes are like bricks when it comes to drag factor

  22. mark3evo says:

    you wouldn't beat my busa, on speed of handling

  23. mark3evo says:

    Don't kid yourself a zx14 cannot do 210 miles an hour unrestricted it will be 195 ish. that' s just bullshit

  24. Neil Platt says:

    Nice but not quite right…….After the Bussa came the ZX12R and it was faster hands down,then came the ZZR 1400 and the new Bussa but theyr both castrated to 300.

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