Harley Davidson vs Yamaha R6

Yamaha R6 meets Harley Davidson ……
Harley Davidson races Yamaha R6

clearly the Yami wasnt in the mood to race, but it was a good show. I turned down the radio to capture the angry rumble of the Harley.

Be safe and keep the shiny side up


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20 Comments to “Harley Davidson vs Yamaha R6”

  1. Krizla 4 says:

    That R6 wasn't even racing LOL
    BTW, didn't they have the money for proper riding gear? I'd like to see that Harley take some corners with those oversized tyres. :)

  2. 1bojanbojan says:

    that was not a race lol r6 was not racing

    Vrod sounds AMAZING!

  3. Harley Davidson has more horse power

  4. Daniel Gomez says:

    ni si quiera se esforzo la r6

  5. Lol this reminds of a time I got off the free way and saw guy on his Harley going my way to. At the red light he pulls up I smile and nod he gives me a multiple nod as if to say my Harley nice. I never tried to race anyone or show off, soon as the light turned green this mufucker too off all fast as fuck -.- with his loud potato pipes

  6. DavidSaganHD says:

    I remember when I had a sport bike, all the harley riders would try to go as fast as possible to show off. I would just simply turn my throttle half way and speed past them. So much noise, such little go

  7. Jeff198323 says:

    And my M109R would destroy that overpriced mid-life crisis

  8. it doesnt matter if the guy next to you doesnt no your racing winning is winning haha

  9. R6 would flog its guts and it's just a middleweight sport bike

  10. jth_101 says:

    all sound no go
    i think the hd lost a few nuts back at the red light

  11. Ride With Ed says:

    According to this, I've won so many races against sport cars and other bikes too! OMG IM SO FAST WITH A 125CC!!! >.> lol

  12. atllex says:

    Such race, so competitive wow

  13. Cili Padi says:

    too bad the harleys slow… hmm should make sporty a bit

  14. zaksta183 says:

    would love to see him against my R1!

  15. BERTH OH! says:

    The only Guy in the race is the HarleyJerk

  16. R6 didn't know it was racing. R6 is a third of the displacement. Not a real raceLook guys, you can make a mockery of these sport bikes and call them "rice bikes"… We all know you're just mad because these are legalized racing motorcycles and cruisers are made for going slow. You can call them "pussy bikes" all you want, but it is an inaccurate name as riders on sport bikes have to handle bikes that are moving faster. Harley riders don't have to worry about that obviously. As far as looks, sport bikes are like sexy girls while cruisers remind me of hairy old men.Before you Harley riders puff up your chests, there's nothing wrong with cruisers. I actually like… no, actually I love… Harleys. They're badass man. I like the Americana, low-riding rumble just for the hell of it on a summer day. But the crowd that rides them thinks that they're somehow more mature than the little toy-ish sport bikes. If anything, the sport bikes are what command more respect; they're fairly authentic race bikes. They are more "real" and less "toy-ish" if anything because their purpose is actually performance; they're race-oriented. Harleys are made for cruising. Nuttin wrong with that, but don't bash my sports bikes when they are the actual performance bikes on the road.

  17. just shows we harley riders dont really care for japs…..and god damn the raw power of a v-twin

  18. Daniel Jutt says:

    Sick race bro. That R6 was definitely trying.

  19. depends on the rider not the bike, harley rider was a douche. I own a harley and had my share of sportbikes. sportbikes are great less worry. but I like the look of my harley and if anyone says your not a real rider because you like the way your bike looks then that's bullshit. main reason plp chose they're bikes were for the look of it

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