Harley Davidson Night Train 2008 Sick

nixonwho.com – Harley Davidson Night Train 2008 with new Phatail 240 fender from Performance Machine along with new rims and tires.


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  1. Art Cooper says:

    2008 год, у меня еще тогда интернета не было, а видео уже было в ютубе.

  2. beautiful bike and it doesn't have a dumb hypercharger

  3. jamesmartin says:

    All you need is some ape hangers to make it perfect

  4. Edwin Inoa says:

    Ke bonita como compró uno aro de eso

  5. bloodyBill says:

    Sweet bike , Congrad's

  6. kschultz498 says:

    what kind of wheels are those

  7. The black is the best thing about a night train!

  8. ih8momjokes1 says:

    The blackline is what replaced the night train right?

  9. Les Jones says:

    hi is the Harley for sale

  10. Ricky Davila says:

    What are the wheels called? interested in the same look for my switchback. 

  11. Kyle Withrow says:

    Beautiful train bro, might use some of it as an inspiration for mine.

  12. Joe smith says:

    Is it sick because it has a virus

  13. kirk bramer says:

    Same li,e to know wheel manufacturer 

  14. RY36 CYQA says:

    Fantastic job! Looks better than a CVO breakout……………………

  15. Not a lot of shaking… You must have a balanced motor 

  16. john hamlet says:

    only one seat? and where the blonde with big boobs goes?

  17. love all your chrome on night train dipshit   go buy more pegs

  18. Ellys YZF478 says:

    I love those rims, if I don't trade mine for a Vmax I might look into those.

  19. Alex Lintern says:

    This is the MLC model…Mid-Life Crisis!

  20. Hugo Bennett says:

    What's up, guys. Incomparable! aunt list What's your opinion about it

  21. The bike has a good balance between black and chrome accents.

  22. kim hafslag says:

    HD an a lexus? What an odd combo

  23. CJ Pierce says:

    the most beautiful night train I have seen on You tube those wheels really set it off

  24. TelvisTed says:

    Let me know if you ever decide to sell it. I'll buy it.

  25. Fuel injected-YIKES!!! WHERE is the carb.?? old school is much better!

  26. Scotty N says:

    Next summer I WILL have a bike. I like the night train look, simple and clean. These have been out since 98 correct? What is the best year regarding reliability, maintenance, etc? Not looking to modify just get out there and ride. Thanks for any guidance.

  27. manuel amaro says:

    bad ass. I'm getting one someday

  28. Ronny OnBass says:

    Should have Raked the front end and put a 4 – 6 over on it! I can't stand stub-nose front ends!!
    Plus drag bars with bent-back risers. 8)

  29. Noby Trance says:

    TAll aboard… The night Train !

  30. KAOTICx929 says:

    That's a really good looking bike

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