Harley Davidson Motorcycle Life Hack

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Life Hack. Mike bought his 2009 Electra Glide Classic used and freaked out once when he changed his oil and couldn’t get the drain plug back in. The previous owner had obviously stripped it out and inserted a helocoil. The repair at Harley was gonna be at least $400 but true to form Mike came up with a way to save some money. Thought I’d share it with you. Thanks for watching, sharing commenting and liking.

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31 Comments to “Harley Davidson Motorcycle Life Hack”

  1. MrOldclunker says:

    There was a motorcycle in the video?  I had to watch the video a couple of times to see it.  LOL

  2. There is a magnetic one. I forgot who carried. It's a two stage process and has one large nut and then one smaller nut that can be removed. I will look for it again and see if I can get you the name of the manufacturer.

  3. Found it! If you look on ebay they are on there under oversized self tapping oil drain plug. There is magnets and non. Also there are piggy back oil drain plug. So take a look. I'm not sure what size you will need but I think you will find it. Have fun keep the good work up.

  4. Jim Gorman says:

    Self tapping, so after you install, change your oil as there will be many pieces of metal in it, hopefully captured by the filter. Will save you on the road, but has its down sides.

  5. sonny01red says:

    Idk why but I feel like I have to listen to America fuck yeah now

  6. "And he pumps the oil straight out of the fill hole, right here"  ..be honest guys, who the f**k looked for the oil filler hole!!  😀  great vids…keep em coming ;-)

  7. Zhana Kitano says:

    Cool motorcycle! very cool to be a bikegirl by on motorcycle? 

  8. STiCKxaH says:

    came here for milf's and tits

  9. Nice leather, forgot what she was saying about oil.

  10. 6foot10guy says:

    …..so far 80 dumb asses disliked this vid!!!!!!! Jelous MFers is all….

  11. You hot sexy girl I'm a doctor and I would like to listen to your belly and maybe your rack

  12. roaringleo57 says:

    Only problem with pumping the oil back out the filler hole is you won't get rid of the debris/sand, grit, metal shavings, that accumulate over time. Those come out at the bottom since its the lowest place. However you can ride it which is the whole point.

  13. Nice rack girl and cool bellybutton piercing could I be your doctor

  14. ewan thomas says:

    I clicked like and subscribed. 😀

  15. nbookie says:

    Skip all of it and get an oil drain valve instead. Never have to remove a plug again. Just reach under, pull the lock back and turn the handle. Reverse operation when complete. Lock and handle can be done with one hand (with gloves). I put them on all my toys. Some even have a a small barb to put a hose on so you make the oil go where ever you need. 

  16. George Lee says:

    Cinders Las year four of us took a 4800 round trip 1 Suzuki DL 650i, 1bmw 1200 and 2 H/Ds Both the H/Ds had problems, 2014 H/D convertible had turn signal fall off The other Ultra had the muffler come off. Probably the reason I never bought a H/D especially a used one.Stay upright dress right HELMET AND PROPER M/C clothing no bare skin. ROAD RASH HURTS.

  17. Can I check out your belly button piercing please

  18. You're welcome can I look at your belly one of these days I'm a doctor and would like to take a listen or look at it

  19. Don Wyatt says:

    Where is that fill hole again?

  20. Is it true you can get paid for posting videos!

  21. So does a person have to get a like from the viewer in order to get paid or is it by how many time a person's video is viewed

  22. Matt G says:

    Next time wait till the train done passing before you record a video. Even better find a place that you can actually hear you talking.

  23. right there? Yeah, I like the video

  24. Nope clicked the other one 😁

  25. I gotta go back to the very first one cause…btw did you increase a cup size seen bigger than the first time on watching you lol

  26. Lee Mullen says:

    Check out the Fram Sure Drain Fast Access Oil Change Drain Plug System. I have used one of these on my pickup truck for years and it works great.

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