Harley-Davidson LiveWire Electric Motorcycle test ride

Harley plugs into consumers for feedback on its new electric motorcycle prototype. Cycle World get a first chance to test ride the Harley LiveWire


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40 Comments to “Harley-Davidson LiveWire Electric Motorcycle test ride”

  1. Have I just watched a 6 minute ad? Love the bike tho

  2. QRC says:

    Basically the loud jet noise they "arent trying to hide" is just an excuse for poor engineering and low quality components that are very noisy. I thought the video of the bike was in slow motion while launching down the runaway, but it is just in fact so slow that it looks that way. They said it themselves that they have a massive ability to innovate due to their sheer size but they cant seem to make a better product than these companies first starting out? Seems like the typical Harley- Davidson way. Please tell me I wasnt the only one who laughed at 4:31 when the bike panned across the screen, I think my car at idle goes faster than that.

  3. How Fast and how Far???????

  4. will it be disigned to fail and over priced so you can screw your customers just like all of harleys other products

  5. Roger Cheng says:

    stricter jay walking laws have to be created, it's like a silent moving projectile that may go unnoticed by unattentive pedestrians

  6. Richard Kent says:

    To the design team, well done for having the balls to do this. Sounds fantastic, looks like it handles better than any Harley Davidson ever constructed. There are many people scared of change due to 'societal conditioning'. This will pass once they actually ride a quality electric bike. Stick it to the man, which in this case is the evil fossil fuel industry.

  7. well you must be the luckiest guy in the whole wide world go buy a lottery ticket

  8. What Harley needs to do is install a generator to recharge the battery while riding this machine. That alone would be the best thing ever for any vehicle & one wouldnt need to recharge it as much….

  9. Don't forget, Jay Leno has first dibs before any of the buying public! Also, i wonder what Willie G. has to say about LiveWire?

  10. stfu and just ride the bike

  11. As a new rider but long term fan I personally love Harleys but I really really want this.

  12. Kevin German says:

    And I assume, made in China, assembled in Yankee Land like all the rest of the HD's?.. :(

  13. sounds exactly like the batpod

  14. Ray_Biker says:

    They need to add a speaker to make the "potato" rumbling sound. Also, it needs a refillable oil container to drip oil when the bike is parked. This will keep the Harley heritage. Use vegetable oil is desired. LOL

  15. super moto me gusto muchisimo yo quiero una

  16. JD L says:

    Go with it. the only Harley that doesn't sounds like ear splitting misfiring sh*t.

  17. This Bike IS The BEST Looking Motorcycle That Harley Davidson EVER Developed. This IS The BEST Looking ELECTRIC Motorcycle Out There… Hands DOWN!!!!!!

  18. will it have the ridiculous price as usual?

  19. is it German design like the v-rod

  20. never say progressive to Harleypeople .progressie means commie .

  21. that's spelled commiefornia

  22. i own a vrod muscle. i think the live wire is sick. i would totally buy that

  23. Arwyn says:

    those mirrors are goofy

  24. I think its a great step forward looks good sounds good.. and you will never have to take it apart or maintain it…

  25. Darren New says:

    looks cheap, n slow for an electric.

  26. I hope they make a electric design in the body style of a Fatboy. Good on HD for taking charge in this new market for electric bikes.

  27. kiqnkf says:

    JEEZUS!!!! Look at the chicken strips at 2:08!! Someone has had it laid right over!! That's NO HARLEY!!! hahahaharley!!!!

    Just imagine the thing with ape-hangers, forward controls, a screamin' eagle pod filter, a vance and hines open exhaust….. hey… wait a minute…

    All jokes aside, It looks like the bike the devil would ride to the surface for a visit!!!

  28. markman63 says:

    Loud pipes save lives. With everyone and their brother texting and pokemoning while driving I want cagers to at least hear me. Love the performance of electric bikes not not the silence.

  29. Everyone world wide expects wonders from Harley Davidson . Thanks for delivering .

  30. b b says:

    Ok looking I guess ..mirrors are horrible..distracts you from the rest of the bike..cheap silver plastic looking mirror.

  31. I would seem to be a natural part of the target market for this bike. Rode a lot years ago, near retirement, comfortable. Early technology adopter, environmentally conscious. Drive a Prius. But no. Bikes are for entertainment, not mere transportation. They should have the sound of internal combustion and the interactivity of an actual transmission and clutch. When I finally buy another bike it will probably be an honest to God Harley or an Indian.

  32. lol give up and go die old losers. we dont want your "refined design"

  33. well, I need to see some tech specs, comparebal to the KTM E-XC?

  34. WOA says:

    Secret location my butt, that's the closed El Toro MCAS. LOL

  35. o que futemgm que acrescentar pode parecer um retrocesso…. mas não é….
    É necessário um cano de descarga para som de motor….. mãe se pode transitar na cidade no silêncio total e absoluto..
    muito menos em rodovias a mais de 100km sem pombas como um trovão…certo?

  36. Great looking motorcycle, the silent ride is 5 stars. The gentleman presenting the bike covered everything very well. My input is the bike should be priced based on battery life per miles, speed anything above 80 is a plus and parts for the bike also. Harley made a great design with this machine. Color platinum would be a good option too.

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