Harley Davidson History

http://goo.gl/GV9Gp2 Few could argue that Harley-Davidson is a name recognized – and revered – the world over. The company doesn’t just produce American motorcycles – it produces an American legend.


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  1. Ronald Mejia says:

    I had a street bike for 6 months👎🏽. I Decided to traded in for a Harley Davidson, oh man… I can tell you I made the best decision ever. Now I'm a Harley Davidson family. 👊🏽

  2. Clark N says:

    Harley did go under Ron Reagan bailed them out do your homework they could not compete with the Japanese and they still can't

  3. parts accessories made in china, including, leathers,pants,,,,,,etc etc….

  4. Is a pony tail compulsory 😁

  5. On a sport bike you want to eat up road, on a Harley Davidson,…you OWN the road.

  6. i wonedring if this is on dvd somewhere

  7. Once I was bit by the harley bug! Instantly transitioned from a sport bike to the Cadillac of the bikes (harley). Now I see what the big fuss is about!

  8. Jeff Fowler says:

    I would rather stay home than ride anything other than my Harley!

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