Harley Davidson FXSB Softail Breakout 2016 First Ride

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42 Comments to “Harley Davidson FXSB Softail Breakout 2016 First Ride”

  1. Curt Ehrhart says:

    How did you move the speedo to the tank?!

  2. Dan Luna says:

    Can you post a link to a list of mods done on this bike?

  3. joeysixtysix says:

    Harley hasn't done much recently that excites me but the Breakout and the Sportster 72 are both pretty cool to me. I generally like older stuff.

  4. wooow q belleza ❤pero tiene un pero… como todo.. por lo q veo esta moto fué diseñada para una sola persona.. no se puede llevar acompañante 💔 alguien q responda en español?

  5. I have a dream where I will ride on one them someday! 😀

    Crazy beautiful bikes dude!

  6. GAW! I want a harley so bad,too bad im so fuckin short.

  7. my favourite harley great video thanks guys

  8. ich finde Eure Videos erste Sahne,besonders toll ist,dass die Landschaft oft mit einbezogen wird.Der Mix aus Euren piekfeinen Breakouts Plus der schweizerischen Traum Landschaft ist einfach grandios.Ich glaube, es ist nicht ein Staubkorn auf Euren Harleys und das zeugt von gutem Bikercharakter.Einfach lecker anzusehen. Für mich sind diese Traummotorräder nicht leistbar.Aber ich finde Eure Videos einfach klasse. Vielen Dank für diesen und jenen Augenschmaus.Gute Fahrt und gutes Wetter.

  9. Mike Kollin says:

    I stopped listening to music!
    Now all I listen to is this. The sound of Harley's….

  10. Aonde arrumo esse CAPACETE maninho.??

  11. Joe King says:

    I love the Bike. What type of bars and risers do you have?

  12. man, a harley breakout is my dream bike

  13. Holy F! What a jaw dropper. That is my dream bike! Great work on that one!!

  14. Cuanto cuesta la segunda en la tienda

  15. TX Rick says:

    great looking bike. but only solo seat.

  16. rick66649 says:

    They Say … A Man Looks Cool As Fuck Riding A Horse ..Even Cooler Riding A Harley………….

  17. UII USA says:

    I really like your jacket can you send me info on it please!!! Thanks.

  18. Nice back end what did the modifications end up costing

  19. great looking bike! is that a custom version? it doesn't look anything like the one shown on the HD webpage…the fork, the wheels, the mufflers are all different.

  20. Joel Roman says:

    where did you get the rear fender?

  21. tomcata1467 says:

    2manysecrets: Yep, no, PLASTIC in either one of those engines, in critical drive components. As for the metric bikes, actually, they have been supplying Harley on all their big Twin Bikes, front fork assemblies since, 1973, both SHOWA and KAYABA, supply the shock suspension systems, too. That is why the front forks are given in Millimeter (metric) and not in American Standard measurements. And of course, Keihin carbs and Mikuni carbs on Harley Shovelheads and EVOs were from Nippon, as well. And the cast wheels for Harley come from Australia, and the brake components and electrical components are from Italy. But, those were the great Harley years, especially the EVOs, the engine which saved Harley from going broke.

  22. Hey, GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who f'n cares about your psychotic OCD surrounding looking & staring at your Harley, over & over & over again  !!!!!!! You'll find out that "Life" is about being Happy & content "inside" ! (Inside your heart & soul) NOT on the "Outside" and not what you "have and/or own". You must be a very lonely person bud.

  23. Mojo says:

    that location for a licence plate looks so stupid—and it handles like a rolling whale

  24. tomcata1467 says:

    Great looking bike, low and mean…….but, in my opinion, the engine design leaves a lot to be desired, for those who know what is inside the engine, itself. The two cams are driven, not by METAL GEARS, but, by two roller chain drives, each with a PLASTIC cam chain tensioner, which are designed to wear out and to have to be periodically inspected, (at a cost), and to be periodically replaced, as they will wear out. Failure to replace a worn PLASTIC tensioner, risks, having metal to metal contact, between the hydraulic tension holder and the roller chain, and the metal shavings, will be inducted into the oil pump, the crankcase and cylinders, and cratering the engine, immediately. In addition, all Twin Cam engines, crankshafts, are only pressed together at the factory, and on a hit and miss basis, can come out of true and increase the vibration to the engine, initially, and eventually will crater the engine, as the run out on the pinion and output shaft, increases, from the factory set spec of 0.001" or less of run out or acceptable, "wobble", and in as little as 0.003" of run out, damage begins to the oil pump rotor gear, the cam support plate bushing, and cam bearings and eventual engine failure will result.  And all Twin Cam engines run extremely hot as in heat output, due to an inadequate, stock oil pump, which only puts out, 3-8 psi of oil pressure at idle, and Harley's solution is to simply to shut off the rear cylinder, at idle, with a Rear Cylinder Cut Off Sensor. Premium price for a Harley and at idle, it runs on one cylinder. It's the only air cooled V Twin on the market which does that. Where is the logic in that? Ever price out a change out on a final belt on these Soft tails? It is time consuming and very expensive, just to change out the final belt. Unlike, the Harley Sportster, model,  which final belt can be changed out in minutes and very inexpensively, Twin Cams are not inexpensive to change out the final drive belt. Just saying, have a wad of cash to keep these Twin Cams on the street.

  25. Casey Klein says:

    Maybe try twisting the throttle

  26. Whats a good place to buy harley parts? yours look amazing! thats what having a bike should be all about, personalizing it to you! great BIKe!

  27. kanervatie says:

    That is one good looking bike.

  28. Hi are the penzl good mufflers

  29. Lucinda1763 says:

    I've got a Breakout and I'm in the Uk where do you get the Friends of Harley Davidson patch ?

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