Harley Davidson Crash Compilation , motorbike crashes caught on camera 2015

Harley Davidson Crash Compilation 2015, motorcycle crashes compilation funny


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  1. hathganus says:

    Three things you won't do on a Harley,….go fast,…..turn tight…..or ride very long if your an idiot!
    Otherwise it is an awesome bike.

  2. 4:54 back break entering in a turn when the bike slides he got scared and
    pushed the front break, result flip over. Bad! No soup for you!

  3. kkk 888 says:

    I'm glad these guys stick to riding slow bikes.eh

  4. LGBTQ, the Q should have a H in front of it to properly assign the harley brood in its rightfull spot in the gay community. Gayest bikes and riders in history.

  5. sai whaat says:

    I love it….. Harleys suck ass. Watch the south park episode about harley riders, sums it up.

  6. People doing stupid shit with bikes not designed to do what they are trying to do.

  7. Rick Taylor says:

    Those POS Harley's handle like a stagecoach.

  8. lol dumbass Harley owners, cold tires will throw you in a heartbeat. LOL

  9. "You stupid mother fucker!" 0:000:07 ….. I guess that's sums it up.

  10. Man them things hit the ground hard even at low speed, ouch!

  11. Anthony Leal says:

    "Dude they're gonna beat our asses" AHAHAHAHA!!!!

  12. One thing I've learned quickly, is that my Harley does not handle like my street bike.

  13. I own 3 Harleys and 2 choppers it breaks my heart to see this 

  14. dude there gonna beat our asses

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