39 Comments to “Harley Davidson Chopper vs. Sport Bike Race”

  1. SNYRA5 says:

    Beautiful! No more need be written–

  2. Ronny OnBass says:

    Harley's are cruizers, Not race bikes!! Race bikes are for little children letting out their aggressions from being on too much Ritalin!!

  3. David Jr says:

    Harleydavidson All American Bike 🚴

  4. Mark Piyak says:

    and here i am. thinking not just one ego was crushed in this race but the rest of the guys in the comment section too.

  5. That's possible. As someone mentioned before, it's the gearing. I ride a 2012 Yamaha FJR 1300 but that Harley would likely take me off the line because the FJR with it's 150 hp, does 100 kph (60 mph) in first gear, so it's hard to keep that front end down, you can't just dump the clutch.

  6. only pussies ride fuckin rice burners, HOG

  7. Mike Fu says:

    Harleys got MAD torque, my cousin has an old 1968 electraglide, and that fucker DESTROYS my 600 suzuki and 1200 off the line. Obviously I got better High end, but the torque is INSANE on those old choppers…. I like ALL bikes, they all have their purpose.

  8. If anyone actually considers this a race you're sadly mistaken. I have a feeling this video is strictly used as a personal vendetta against sport bikes…

    First of all, the average weight of a chopper is around 650-915lbs. Second, the low gearing and extended forks of the chopper provides him with enough torque, length and weight ratio that he has nothing but traction. (but will most likely top out at around 100mph). It would be like comparing an AWD drive car to a RWD. Obviously, off the launch, the AWD will always pull ahead.

    If the sport bike were to give it full throttle, it would instantly wheelie and throw him off. They aren't made for straight line launches. They are made for REAL racing, not this straight line garbage. Again, it would be like comparing an F1 car to a top fuel dragster.

    Take the Harley to hit some corners and watch him peg out and fall off his bike. Different bikes, different uses.

    This isn't a real race. <3

  9. jjcs1381 says:

    Lets see a real race now!! This was garbage

  10. Jorge Cortez says:

    it's about the torque. harley guys with those upgrade are way faster and stronger over any sport bike. but they choose to enjoy the ride and drive save and the is why sport bikes always crash lol

  11. Junior Jones says:

    That wasn't a liter bike. 600 maybe.

  12. d Poh says:

    maybe rickey should race the pedal bike at the end of the video might be a confidence booster lol 

  13. d Poh says:

    maybe rickey should race the pedal bike at the end of the video might be a confidence booster lol 

  14. Postal Dude says:

    Yamasuki lel more like Yama Cyka xD

  15. Kinda hilarious how all yamasuki riders r bitching & crying 'no fair'…

  16. NOTHING LIKE A beautiful American made god I won't that chopper so bad I'll trade my 1972 Harley-Davidson shovelhead for it

  17. Its his beard that why he won.

  18. Ima Tumor says:

    That bearded , skuzzy, greasy, old biker dude , has probably slid down the road on his ASS further than any of you young punks will ever ride. Don't fuck with old timers. It'll bite you in the ass every time.

  19. That race was so short any Harley would have one it. Torque verses revs-torque wins the first couple hundred feet.

  20. I ride a Harley and this doesn't surprise me, reason being is that the Harley has a 117 ci s&s motor, and everyone automatically assumes that a jap bike will win. in all reality depending on how you build a bike will determine which will win. simple.

  21. Darkstang222 says:

    I think the CBR guy must be young or something. Maybe just scared on the throttle or something. I think what won that race was experience of the rider. Lol

  22. privatepain says:

    custom built it probly tops out 65mph a 1984 suburban with 4.11 gearing will do 14seconds 1/4 its all about dem gears

  23. That guy on the sport bike just get a license? STIFF……

  24. Omg. Hilarious.

    Always respect your elders on the road xD

  25. I Am Sekou says:

    The chopper is heavier, so more traction.

  26. stevo says:

    Nothing like the heart warming sound of a Harley!!

  27. A good start from standstill is about skills and torque. Bigger engine = higher torque.

  28. ariba hombre says:

    Tractor SMOKES rice-burner lol . Good fun video . I have a mid' – weight cruiser , and a 1250 Bandit to satisfy both moods . Well done , Hildo' . Good luck , & ride safe .

  29. probably photoshopped. ha ha.

  30. MonsterChuck says:

    This is a 50yd (46m) race……. stupid and inconclusive. Either roll from 20mph (32kmh) or race 1/8 or 1/4 mile. A 600 and a 1000cc would dust that harley in those scenarios.

  31. MrLimit9000 says:

    yamasuki… can't stop saying XD

  32. mattybiffle says:

    This really isn't a valid competition the bobber is always going to be faster off the line because v twin engines produce more torque in the lower rev range and the sports bike will leave it behind once it winds out besides that they're two completely different bikes with completely different frames and engines not to mention the guys riding them

    You won't see the bobber doing 300kmh but you won't see it moved by truck turbulence as easily either 

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