Harley Davidson Breakout FXSB Softail Custom

Bedanke mich an Fitim von Harley-Davidson St. Gallen der mir dieses Custom Breakout zeigte und ich es Filmen dürfte.

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34 Comments to “Harley Davidson Breakout FXSB Softail Custom”

  1. Ammar says:

    is it a 260 MM rear tire ?
    can you please take a picture to see the space between the tire and the belt ?

  2. mort1re says:

    Hey! What's the make of that rear fender?

  3. zxcurve says:

    Would love to buy that custom rear fender, is it available in America?

  4. The seat is made by whom? Very nice customizing for sure.

  5. Kunal Aneja says:

    What is the make of this exhaust, its awesm n produces gr8 sound…

  6. dadatdude says:

    where can I get that fender?

  7. What's the make of the tank and seat?

  8. Xe tuyet that ,giac mo cua toi …..

  9. Is the rear fender for sell? If so, can someone provide a link to where I can make the purchase.

  10. Is the exhaust KessTech? Is it loud? I can't tell from the video. The louder the better for me.

  11. a piece of art , although I own a different brand of bike. but HD is my next bike for sure

  12. Is the 4 stage exhaust baffle available through Harley Davidson, or just this dealer? And what exhaust is it?

  13. I wonder what kind of leakage is this, and it is possible to import. thank you

  14. styles77111 says:

    does anyone know of a place that does similar rear fenders in the US?

  15. wooooo una moto increible,mas que motosuper

  16. sql-lover says:

    I'm curious… if the fender is so close to the rear wheel, how do you avoid accidental rubbing? for instance when hitting a hole or bump

  17. muf koda says:

    awesome bike bro.. how much does it cost to turn a softtail into this beast ??

  18. Beautiful. one of my favourite models of HD. love the mods. cheers

  19. Damn….just made my decision harder!!!   Now its a toss up- between the street glide or this bad ass- fxsb softail!  Any help-please!!

  20. DopestDope says:

    only prob with this bike is that, if you score a lady, you have to send her on a taxi. which is lame

  21. Pedro izidro says:

    What brand is the exhaust?

  22. Good evening you have a website of the store ???? thank you

  23. Rene Pena says:

    Could never afford this beautiful animal.Damn, this is the stuff worth living for.

  24. MrJimmy1437 says:

    Man would I like to be around and see the look on the riders face, when  a stone gets jammed between the fender and tire and when that back wheel locks up , on that piece of junk. Also I wonder if it's possible for a rider to drowned  from the water off the back tire, if caught in a rain storm on this piece of shit?  Oh Neanderthals, don't tell me it can't happen.  A friend of mine had a stone catch between a  airplane tire and the wheel pants, lock the wheel , and nose over the plane. It cost thousands of dollars to repair. When we finished the repair on the plane those fucking pretty wheel pants stayed in the hanger. The price of pretty is never cheap!

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