GoPro: Babes Ride Out – A Motorcycle Story

Babes Ride Out founders Ashmore Ellis and Anya Violet wanted to create an environment where women can come together to share their cross country journeys …


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  1. CRAIG PERRY says:


  2. What kind of Triumph, is that? A Thruxton or scrambler of some sort?

  3. Wow the helmet,gloves and leather police are out in force on this one wtf. Bla bla bla ok mommy I heard you already.

  4. please wear safety gear. I'd hate to see these ladies become disfugured.

  5. Felipe Romo says:

    excelente, las felicito muy buenos rutas y muy buena compañía tienen, Saludos desde Chile :-)

  6. b21vco says:

    Funny how they faff about the dangers of riding and that girl having an accident, but none of them had any proper riding gear. Typically women – fashion over anything else, even their skin, bones or live.

  7. Freddy720516 says:

    Que maravilla!!!! Buen camino y larga vida!!!

  8. knox2613 says:

    Do I think you should go ATGATT? Yes. Do I support your right to wear whatever you want? Yes I do. Ride on…

  9. den co says:

    all those vaginas not being used

  10. rafael fiuza says:

    congrats…amazing pack…good luck

  11. MyntY says:

    I love finding porn on youtube

  12. far Queue says:

    fascinating how instead of doing everything as a blob, there's an elitist group that feels they need somewhere separate to talk about their "offs" and their "running out of gas" (petrol for the rest of us), but I notice none of them talked about flat tyres …… guess that was something they never needed to worry about.

  13. Earl Guyton says:

    I guess you other commentors in here never rode a motorcycle. That is a bike sitting on a service platform stand at a service repair shop with a video screen in front. Plus where it shows her arms left and right on the handlebars, she would have to have a 70 inch chest width for that to be possible. That and the bike is floating 3 feet above the ground because the screen in front was lower than the service stand platform. Anyone that even rides a bicycle should notice this

  14. DVT 3 psc says:

    please make episodes…..we need more adventures of these ladies….babes ride out is so cool

  15. Why are all these chick riding sportsers… This video is god dam Harley endorsement.

  16. Niki Ninjuh says:

    Where can I find "dudes ride out"

  17. Just imagine one of those women laying that bike down and just sliding across the ground, you can see exactly where they fell because skin, blood and tissue is smear across the ground like butter smeared across bread. Wear something to protect those appendages!

  18. Gary Wong says:

    That bikes with the black handlebars and red with gold scroll is awesome!

  19. Buxtehude .d says:

    I looked at the good old motorcycle.

  20. matt jesus says:

    What kind of bars does mich have

  21. Daniel says:

    any one know what kind of bike it is at 6min in? girl in the black tanktop and gringo helmets bike.

  22. D R says:

    I think too many people are commenting on this as if it were a documentary. You realise it's a GoPro commercial, right?

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