Gomi Style – Electric Motorcycle Conversion

A Honda Rebel motorcycle is converted to a zero emissions electric chopper. Made the Gomi way, with mostly found and scavenged materials, we make a street legal commuter bike perfect for San Francisco.


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  1. You are right on with the fact that they control fuel and transportation for their own benefit. If someone could design a costly effective electric or %100 ethanol vehicle for OUR benifit, I would get one in a heartbeat. But there is no fuel crisis. They literally LOVE it when we use oil. That is the only problem here… greedy politicians. Global warming and the energy/fuel crisis is a deceitful tactic to charge us more for our existance. 

  2. m1aws says:

    Not telling people the truth and artificially holding down the world prices works for them, and us in the short term. Oil supply and cost to obtain will soon meet. Shale oil and drilling from a mile above the sea bed "BP & Gulf" not mean anything?

    Global warming has lost all credibility many times over. Politicians are not just greedy, they are stupid sycophants too.

    Google EVTV *wink*

  3. Exactly. Sorry I snapped, I thought you were coming from an ignorant "green" point of view but obviously we're on the same page. Cheers 

  4. Congratulations. Do not get angry with the other comments. Have you ever planted a seed, wait for it develop. The purpose of which was the same kind of electric motor used?

  5. We are so backwards here in Western Australia because the Government is anti green can you believe you need an open motorcycle license (which I have) to ride a vmoto which is capable of doing 60kph. Are they crazy. It is up to people like you that convert gas bikes to battery. I personally think magnetic power would work with the strength of magnets these days but patents are purchased and thrown away. Well down for your work I don't have the expertise to know and do what you are doing.

  6. Well good for you and good for Brazil, but here in America things are different. 

  7. oodimvale says:


  8. I don't have an electric motorcycle, but I have an electric bike.

  9. KaroKann666 says:

    how you call that kind of DC motor? I only find regular ones.

  10. love this channel!check my stuff!

  11. SerkhetLoL says:

    I can't help but wonder why you didn't use the old gas tank for the components you mounted in the cook pot.

  12. love the work you guys done here and im i am inpacient to do it on my 97 NSR 125cc Gold Alcaste Frame because lets face it an engine from 97 have seen better days, im just wondering witch DC motor you have there i dont want to put one that dont gives my torque and gives me alot RPM or vice versa my idea is to have a balanced one.
    My NSR 125cc with no "upgrades" modifications only reach a top speed of 130 kmph and i have seen electric bikes on youtube reaching 160 kmph. =)


  14. ahumad13 says:

    the engine runs on 12 volts and the others are to give more duration or works with 48 volts

  15. Hi h2oboy1! What name/ type of motor and charge controllers do you use? are you in Socal? or Bay Area? Are you using Basic Lead acid or Deep Cycle Batteries? Oh, Love the drop test. Used it many times myself!

  16. Why, oh why did you not use lithium ion batteries for this build? They would have given twice the power at least in half the space. Time for a new version maybe?

  17. Justin Hager says:

    Are you using an Alltrax Controller?

  18. lakecrab says:

    Back in the day, my dad's alcoholic, cracker jack, mechanic and welder "Ace" taught me to hammer on the welds to test them because you could not lift and drop a D-7 Cat.

  19. lakecrab says:

    You could install a fake fuel tank that would double as a storage trunk. It would also give the machine better visual proportion. 

  20. Rob Jay says:

    Alan in Corvallis, WA used a "Kelly In-wheel (13") hub motor Brushless DC. Driven up to 14.5KW, this translates to about 16HP with operating losses." In a Roketa Jamaica 150cc scooter w/ 13" wheels. Its way cheaper, faster + more efficient $ for $. Just sayin… Kelly BLDC is 1/2 money & Fast. PERM PMG is a great motor > but not cost effective for DIY project.

  21. Modification does not make sense. If the batteries are over 50 pounds each, this adds over 400 pounds to the bike. Motorcycles this big were never designed to handle this kind of weight. It' doesn't even include the rider.

  22. FPVav8tr says:

    Well let's see, 4 batts x 50 lbs = 200 and the gass motor itself was taken off, so your math doesn't add up. Marque, how much did the conversion cost?

  23. HI you video help me in many ways. I m trying do the same thing, but I need some help canyou giveme some tips?, I need some data about the motor. how mutch HP or from where you go it. and the speed controller from where you gotit to. any way thanks for any tips. to alejandro.arevalo.m@hotmail.com

  24. magna59 says:

    Very impressive , for the hack & bash vidi . You undersold how much attention you did pay . Like the cutting of a hole in the swinging arm , but then put a buttress on the motor bracket to keep it sound . Difficult call , to transfer information without delivering boredom .  

  25. roge715 says:

    the motor by it self is 1000 bucks plus the batteries and running just for 50 mls, unless you adding a alternator to the bike for me there is no point, no offense but if some one here is into the green crap thing (san Francisco)) why??, san Francisco have very nasty and smelly places, the f### bus streets and much more, sorry I don't want to be unrespect full

  26. jjhack3r says:

    how long can you ride? what are the batteries rated at? i mean how many amp-hours? im thinking about doing this to my old bike but with li-ion packs instead of the lead acid batteries you used. li-ion batteries are about 1/4 the size for the same capacity. thanks

  27. utsav mehra says:

    can you tell me which type of electric motor you are using and its RPM and it top speed ?

  28. David Miller says:

    How about gearing? Harley Davidson tranny? Would this make run time longer?

  29. Have you ever considered using capacitors in place of the batteries and attaching a couple of alternators to help keep charge? of course they would have to be properly enclosed to avoid electrocution lol

  30. bill boyd says:

    Just hook an alternator to your motor and call it a perpetual motor cycle like all the geniuses on you tube. Just kidding,nice job.

  31. Having started with converting a push bike to battery power.only 300 watts. Also wired up a few houses with battery and solar power.No mains available. I appreciate how much thought and effort you have put into this project. Of course it never is really finished.Now I am having fun putting 500 watts into a push scooter. Great video. More detail please.

  32. Well, have you upgraded it yet, got any videos on it?

  33. Candy Lovers says:

    Hey geniuses…I need your help! Love how you've done this conversion. Can you help me?
    I am in the middle of converting a 1967 Lambretta LI 150 scooter. The frame alone is around 70 pounds, add body panels etc she is about 125 pounds I need to do what you did to your bike…I am contemplating mounting a motor like the one you mounted to the existing engine case as it is a one pce mounting type. Likely I will use all lithium batteries that are modern. I want to know what motor you would recommend that will allow me to ride the bike with the weight of two people so about 350 pounds only desire top of 60 Kph what do you recommend? I will decide after the motor has been decided on, what mos I need, controller etc…help!

  34. hi, did you go to l.e.d. bulbs too?

  35. fortj3 says:

    At first, I wondered why you would convert a perfectly good motorcycle to electric.
    Then, I found out it's just a Honda Rebel.
    Second, hooray for you. You no longer burn gasoline. You just burn more coal, to generate electricity to charge your batteries.

    However, it is a cool build and my hat's off to you for it.

  36. Me 2 says:

    "Zero emission", not really ey.. zzz. Loved the cocking pot tho!

  37. It would have been cool if you made a battery pack shaped as the fuel tank to make your conversion look more discreet other than that it´s a different engine where one should be.

  38. que motor é esse como consigo um

  39. Candy Lovers says:

    Thank you so much!
    Any chance you have an idea what AH/and Volt Lithium Ion Battery would be best for a range of 80-90 km's per charge?

  40. Jim Martin says:

    Make a mini off road camper with in hub electric motors that can be used with regular bicycles and E bikes. Novartis


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