21 Comments to “Goldwing ride with Victory Motorcycles to Indiana (pt1)”

  1. Hi Chris, nice ride. Very clear video. Is there any reason why you have gone over to a square screen image, instead of the wide image you used to use, which now give black bars each side of the screen? Only asking, no offence, still watching.

  2. a little too fast for me. maybe it was just the camera angle.

  3. Chris if you head this way (toward SW Indiana, be sure to come via the "land between the Lakes" in western Kentucky.  Great rode.   If you ever come back this way and care to cross the river into Hoosier-dom, I'd be glad to pass on some local routes either along the Ohio or further north through the Hoosier National Forest.  Would love to join you for such a ride just to hear the Memphis accent say in person… "THE Gooool Wing."

  4. kbowiing58 says:

    Nice ride Chris. My type of cruising speed! Thanks

  5. Very emotional song. Love the group rides. Them Victory's are some bad a** bikes. That was my first choice nut the dealer didn't budge on the price.

  6. Peter Myers says:

    Chris, Nice Video!   What video editing software you use.  Thank you!

  7. That was a nice group ride, for a second I thought that was Memphis Mike pulling up in the truck! ,I was like yeah MIKE pulling up to ride!

    Thanks for sharing

    Ride safe😎

  8. The music choice, did something happen or what?

  9. L.C. Beal says:

    Now That's Riding.Beautiful music.

  10. Ed Jackson says:

    Love the music Chris. Also, what was wrong with his fuel door? Take care ride safe. Ed

  11. Great video as always looks like you found some nice back country roads to ride. Ride Safe and All The Best.

  12. vac0002 says:

    That victory sure has some sleek lines. Your bike seems really smooth at high speeds. Ride safe bro.

  13. allen love says:

    Nice video, and finally now I'm on a  2007 GOLDWING.  Not new but it was is a big difference from my Suzuki Boulevard.  Keep the videos rolling and ride safe up in Memphis area.

  14. Cool video and song, but I thought you were going to break out with the Jackson 5 "I'm going back to Indiana". Lol, love your videos Chris.

  15. nice ride y'all had that's what it's about.

  16. when i hear that song SEE YOU AGAIN makes me think about all the friends i've lost over the years in military Army being deployed in these war zone hostile countries, This song beats me up😑😑

  17. What was the issue with the vision earlier on at the gas station?

  18. Scott D says:

    You know, as bored as I am waiting to ride again, I am observant! You left the gas station with one glove! I noticed that when I was checking out you accessories. I said "Wait a minute!! He forgot one glove!!

    Tee Hee! :)

  19. Biggzie Boy says:

    Great videos Chris, out on the Goldwing….The Goldwing. Be safe

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