Getting Started in Basic Motorcycle Maintenance: The Must Have Tools

Overview of the tools needed to perform basic maintenance on your motorcycle. Must Have: Metric Wrenches (Unless you have a indian/triumph) Metric Sockets …


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  1. M Hoss says:

    Hey man, I take you know a lot about motorcycles. I am a first time rider, looking for my first bike. It'll be a daily commuter so want something that's not going to cost me arms and legs to run and maintain. What would you suggest? Anyone with any opinion will be helpful. Thanks.

  2. This was a disappointment and waste of time…& learn how to use your top draw…

  3. Moto Will says:

    Can you do more like this it's super helpful

  4. motorcycle jack/lift and fluid drainage pans are all I'd recommend adding to this list for basic maintenence.

  5. ROCKYMOTO says:

    where are the brushes to clean your chains

  6. NONAME says:

    Where can I buy that big ass wrench???

  7. scobeyr87 says:

    your long flathead, I have that same one, and is my favorite / pry bar lol

  8. Don McCaw says:

    Great vid . Definitely sets me on the right track to complement the tools I have. The tool box is not a must, but a real advantage in keeping all your tools in order and clean. Like you I live in a colder climate (Edmonton Alberta) and need to winterize my bike. I want to be able to do as many things my self as posable and this video is a good starting point to get things going. Thanks. Cheers.

  9. Bennet Vella says:

    For the sake of "BASIC" motorcycle maintenance this is an overkill of space, money and effort. I'm sure there are uses to all of them, but it's misleading to call such a tool-kit for basic maintenance.

    It just puts off amateurs, and even though you claim these pay for themselves, often times you're not factoring in your own time and effort poured into troubleshooting a problem – something a mechanic will do VERY efficiently (if you find a capable one) and can even explain to you in detail what's wrong and check with you on what is to be done about it.

    Having a much smaller toolkit that allows you to change tires, take temporary measures against punctures and check/change oils, chain etc (typical beginner maintenance) would be ideal for a basic guide.

  10. Taevus says:

    Great video, thanks a lot

  11. Sweet setup. Hope to have something similar one day. 

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