Front Brake Pad Change DIY Triumph Speed Triple R Brembo

How to change Front brake pads and clean brake caliper pistons on a 2012 Triumph Speed Triple R 1050. The replacement brake pads are OEM Triumph parts.


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8 Comments to “Front Brake Pad Change DIY Triumph Speed Triple R Brembo”

  1. Jim Walker says:

    Thanks pal – just made me realise how easy it was.

  2. hearliam says:

    cool video matey, thanks

  3. chwenren says:

    So useful,thanks for sharing:)

  4. beerforceone says:

    great videos!! your explanations are very clear. thx i just suscribe!

    One question though : what kind of product do you use to clean the brakes/pistons ?


  5. Mike Crowley says:

    Nice clear vid……. One query , …..Do you think it would be better to spray brake cleaner over the pistons before you push them back into the cylinders , rather than push grubby ones back into the seals ??

  6. John W says:

    Thanks for putting the time into making this video much appreciated

  7. lmind2 says:

    Thanks for sharing!  What's the model of the flex round head ratchet you're using?  And it's a 1/2 inch?

  8. David Small says:

    Looks the same as my GSXR750 L1. So I will be changing mine this weekend. Thankyou

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