First Time Rider Crashes Motorcycle

I’d been teaching my friend how to ride a motorcycle, he was on a 2008 Ninja 250 and we had done several hours of parking lot training before his first time on a road.

I take full responsibility for him crashing, we were both excited to ride together but I should have been a better judge of his skill level. I feel terrible that his first experience riding ended up this way. There’s a lot of things I’d do differently if I could and I hope this video will help other people learn from our mistake.


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  1. you shouldn't have to pussy the clutch unless you ride a Harley.

  2. At first I couldnt understand why he wrecked…. He had a hella sexy af japanese crotch rocket and his buddy had a webcam until I realized none of them were dressed head to toe in Monster Energy Drink gear. Serves you right.

  3. nauroticdax says:

    good for you taking responsibility for it, glad your friend was okay.

    I've hung out with hardcore bikers for years and since I have started fixing to get my own bike and learn to ride they all say the same thing "you WILL have an accident or drop it eventually because until you do you wont have respect for it" its good that it was a minor thing and it was gotten out of the way quickly and you did totally the right thing reassuring him and making sure he was okay good job dude i cant tell very well from the video but maby next time have the person you're teaching on a bike that doesn't matter much

  4. GoPro says:

    You shouldn't have ridden off at speed leaving a new rider at the junction. You should have told them not to panic, make the turn steadily and you should have stayed holding the cars up for a few seconds. —– this is how you should be riding with new people. Use your experience to protect them.

  5. Ken Doe says:

    It's Jap so it was junk to begin with!
    Fucking Harley Davidson's Rule 113 Years and going strong
    Just over 40 yrs riding Harley's and loving it!

  6. dean smith says:

    no confidence didnt have a clu what he was doing,

  7. Craig Smith says:

    That guy looks so uncoordinated… Did just he drive straight into a guardrail?

  8. Chaos Tade says:

    you take responsibility for his mistake? You didnt take him to the track, this was a simple turn on a simple road. He is supposed to have a license..Whoever has a license should be able to take that easy turn without a problem…If by first time you mean first first first, no lisence first, you're an idiot.A big one.

  9. I didn't ride on the real road until like 3-4 days after I had got the basics mastered. It's best to take your time and learn it right.

  10. Ryan Kim says:

    This is why you start with a small cheap bike cuz u gonna wreck it!!!

  11. feel sorry for this kid but glad he is ok and why would you take him out on the road when he does not seem to be ready at all.

  12. Rob Carr says:

    All these crashes must make insuring these things insane.

  13. You seem like a good person and a great friend to have.

  14. muaythai193 says:

    not hating, but buy him a kawasaki d-tracker 125 or even something like a honda wave/innova for the first couple months.

    I started on a ZX10R and had no problems but he seems like a guy who prefers take things a little slower in the beginning.

  15. Scotty Dont says:

    super helpful guys, tweak usually does that lol. glad your buddy is okay!

  16. Very Doge says:

    It REALLY helps if you know hot to drive a manual before you put your leg over a bike.

  17. KLRCory says:

    quite obvious from the first takeoff that the person wasn't ready to ride on the road.

  18. thebugs141 says:

    In singapore, before you can even hop on to a bike. You need to complete more than 20 practicals and after you passed the final practical, then proceed to doing the test which comprises of s course crank course, plank(balancing), pylon slalom, all within required timing, with 125 cc bike first, and also go out on a road. Specific route. if you pass. THEN you will receive license to ride 200cc or below. You then need to do the same thing again but with cb400, 400 cc bike, to ride motorcycle between 200-400cc. If you want to ride above 400, you need to do the same thing , but with a 600cc bike. Then you will have no restriction. As it becomes bigger, the required timing for balancing on the plank will be longer, theres also a bumpy course, where you need to do it slowly, above 8 seconds. S course or figure 8 must be lesser than 11 secs etc.

  19. Nuclear Hero says:

    all i have is a shitty moped from the 70s

  20. E H says:

    poor bike. My first bike was a ninja 250. I felt it was a good starter bike in case I jacked it up like this. But luckily I took care of it [even though as I got better I ran it ragged] and sold it to upgrade to a cbr500r. Glad he is ok. .but the bike man. . VERY expensive repair. Did he have to get an alignment adjustment to the steering?

  21. K. CHAN says:

    I rode a 2 stroke motorized bicycle for 3-4 months before I got on my first 250. The clutch control was the same just no shifting. Got used to going 25-35mph in traffic and controlling the clutch while taking off from a dead stop. Best practice.

  22. Q: In the absence of good structured rider skills training, how do you know, riding a motorcycle for the first time, when you've done it wrong or made an error?

    A: Usually only when you end up on the floor in pain and/or with a broken bike .

    Q: When you are trying to teach somebody how to ride, with no experience of or background in rider training , how do you know when you've done it wrong or made an error?

    A: Usually only when the person you are trying to teach makes an error and ends up on the floor in pain and/or with a broken bike.

    I'm betting that an MSF course would have been a lot cheaper than the damage to the bike came to, and he wasn't even injured and unable to work for weeks/months/whatever…

  23. did you see how fuckin fast he picked that bike up?

  24. TheXalos says:

    It looks like you "cut him off" and he panicked. He tried to turn left at the same time as you.

  25. OMG! u rushed him and he crashed…did the insurance cover it?

  26. canseeu2 says:

    Well hope hes ok…but how funny is it that he crashed right at a sign that says "YARD SALE" ….with a blue border :-/

    you have to stop the video at about 2:58 to see it as the helmet cam is turning

  27. God says:

    several hours of training? if he is letting his clutch loose like that he is not picking it up so fast. hard lesson unfortunately

  28. KingKiavash says:

    To all the new riders out there. Start learning on a standard motorcycle before moving to sport bikes.

  29. David Ramos says:

    that happen qhen you give a motorcycle to a teenager

  30. God damn… that little asian picked up the bike like it weighed 10 pounds.

  31. osku says:

    biggest problem with first time motorycyclist that they buy too big bike. too much power to handle (did NOT mean this video)

  32. UH60Z28MRO says:

    his friend when he picks up the bike, " wow! that was siick" 😂

  33. fdyjt says:

    i know what happend when the cambike drove away to fast he tought in his mind i have to keep up  so boom

  34. beatsByZlaya says:

    I don't know, I got on a SV650 right after my motorcycle course and ripped that bitch….I think this dude is just a moron. Shouldnt ride a bike, its no for everyone.

  35. Skity says:

    What do you mean its his first time on a motorcycle? how can he drive on a road if its his first time? don't you need a damn license?

  36. kiwan82 says:

    Most of the motorcyclists who got involved in accidents were friends taught.

  37. Luis S says:

    Sucks that he wrecked. Good thing hes alright. When I went down years ago on my r6 and I had road rash all up my arm. I wasn't able to ride it home either. Lol. Broke off my left handle, front brake reservoir, front left fairing and scratched the hell out of the entire left side. Good that he's wearing gear because it could have been worse. Hopefully he keeps on riding and this doesn't discourge him into not riding. Happened to all of us. Ride safe.

  38. simox doit says:

    I hope I don't crash my first bike :(

  39. they say there are two kind of riders, "one's who have dropped their bike" and "one's that are going to drop their bike." Now the stress is off and you can just ride. Good for you for going ahead and getting it under your belt. keep wearing that gear and ride.

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