First Picture of El Chapo’s Motorbike Tunnel That Was Used to Escape Prison
Astonishing pictures of the tunnel through which Sinaloa Cartel boss El Chapo made his escape from maximum-security prison emerged today showing the motorbike and the mile-long structure that took his engineers nearly a year to build.
The motorbike, which was secured at its front wheel to the rails of the mile-long tunnel, was waiting for El Chapo as he descended into the tunnel from his prison shower block.
The photos show the slim tunnel, complete with oxygen supply piping overhead, and the rails for a fast exit, with the walls of the structure bored with professional equipment by the Sinaloa Cartel’s expert mining engineers.

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40 Comments to “First Picture of El Chapo’s Motorbike Tunnel That Was Used to Escape Prison”

  1. That tunnel looks to damn narrow. Imagine him sitting on it with his legs wrapped around it and the width of his shoulders. Now imagine him trying to speed off through the tunnel all that way in a strait enough line so that he doesn't bump into any part of the wall.  idk. maybe its possible but it just doesn't look big enough to me. it would be a tight fit that's for sure.

  2. jason pope says:

    Just doesn't seem right. The quick escape and now the tweets to trump right after he escaped. You would think a billionaire drug Lord has better things to do like hiding from la policia and the fbi.but I guess trump is more important

  3. swatnc says:

    Wonder if this is what the Walmart tunnel's look like.

  4. JDocs says:

    This guy has enough resources to provide for an army hum Jaded steering. Good catch daboo7

  5. Trump just made plenty of enemies.

  6. Rev55 says:

    El chapo is too fat for any of that to work.
    El chapo went out the front door, im 99% sure

  7. J Cassidy says:

    What I don't get is, if this was well known and planned, instead of investing millions and making this dramatic, he simply could've just walked out of prison. This sounds
    like a Hollywood production.

  8. David Swick says:

    Female  employee snuck picks and shovels into prison, hidden in frozen beef!!!

  9. They always allow money to buy way out of jail !  been that way for years !

  10. For something of this magnitude, why didn't he just call a cab and get picked up at the entrance to the prison?

  11. rich eldert says:

    The guy runs drugs for the CIA, this is someone with major dirt on our government corruption. You think they would let this guy stay inside, they probably need him out to take care of business.

  12. El Stan says:

    its funny jade helm is taking place on boarder states and it just so happens the most known cartel leader "escapes" days before. and threatening to send assassins across

  13. Dean Buckman says:

    Bullshit. You got really bad taste playing glorify the cartella. You really must be a shill

  14. fukutrails says:

    The people need a super villain.

  15. Shameful…..I took the training wheels off my son's bicycle at age 2 1/2.  He got his first motorcycle  (A Moto Vila!)  at 4. And racing a 9. And El Whapo needs 2 rails to ride this thing?? The Frito Bandito could do it…..

  16. JJD1913 says:

    More red flags… Look for something else read between the lines , 1 smoke screen to cover another

  17. iEatMocos says:

    Mexicans are a beast !!!!

  18. Sylvie Goins says:

    They opened the door and let him out period.  I'm quite sure that tunnel has been there quite a while.  lol

  19. shaun heron says:

    Just done a few calculations and there would have to  be roughly 36,000 tons of rock and excess spoil to be excavated  from said tunnel …. Upon seeing these results  i concurred more than one shitty bike and a wheelbarrow would have been used.
    You gotta laugh at that drawing of the barrow attached  to the bike.

  20. Amy Lowery says:

    Just more government corruption – these people can be BOUGHT and knew about it! What a JOKE! Mexican officials are all corrupt! They can all be bought off! We need to intensify closing these borders and keep scumbags like that out! He just validates what TRUMP says! He's an idiot and just played it to it like a puppet…menso!

  21. JebBlack2010 says:

    Yeah….fake as hell. I'd like to see the pictures from the cell after they punch a hole in it. Or maybe it is better as a cartoon. Idiots love cartoons and reenactments with poorly paid actors.

  22. BrianMattis says:

    LMFAO at the people that think that El Chapo actually threatened Trump on twitter hahahahahahahahaha. You fucking dumbasses are so gullible. That account that made the threats is a troll/parody account you dumbfucks.

  23. I think this is a clear setup for a false flag to assassinate Trump if he gets to close to being president. Mark it down if Trumps popularity keeps growing he is as good as JFK'ed.

    Bottom line they will never let another person who want play ball in the white house that's why Robert got KO'ed when he run after they killed JFK.

    They aren't going to take a chance on Trump winning enough states where their few states they have rigged like Florida want stop it.

    All you need to know is the persons blood type to see who is going to be president. Oh and maybe what handed they are. LOL!!!

  24. Ale CoteM says:

    you got to be kidding me Dahboo , you people really believe thats Chapo's personal twitter account? in mexico everybody knows thats fake

  25. xe 2349e0 says:

    i like your style of speaking and video. thank you. i am worried for trump and more

  26. Randomsongs says:

    Did yall really think it was him in prison?

  27. Have they even shown the hole in the prison?

  28. Damien Percy says:

    A) Money Buys ANYTHING
    B) Money Buys ANYTHING

  29. I don't understand the part when you said "How did the feds know he was going to build an ecsape tunnel" well it's basically right in front of you. He had 6 houses with escape tunnels all located under his bathtub. So wouldn't you add things up? Even though he obv bribed for this, the feds searched all his safe houses and all found the same sort of escape tunnel. So it's obvious he would try to pull something similar in the circumstance.

  30. lol what I would pay to see footage of him driving through that tunnel lol

  31. People care aboe thi? Why? There's no Seinfeld re:runs on? Stop ommiting carbon and fertilize the soil with your bodys….. 

  32. Sorry but who cares about bike WHO belongs to that idiot who only knew How beheaded humans that as soon he commanded one of skunk labor slave would automatically that idiot would have had beheaded humans what the hell he is about To be headline news not welcome you Moran

  33. EarthOdyssey says:

    They could've put an RFID chip in him, instead of an easy to remove tracking bracelet, if they really wanted to keep up with him.

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