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  1. An A65 Lightening engine, the one the sidecar boys used to race with.

  2. Nice tick over, but  a little fast for me. Are they Japenese carbs.

  3. I can see the clutch cover is missing, it's obvious,   I still maintain it's not a BSA, barrels are the wrong shape and rocker covers are wrong.

  4. I'm not convinced that's a B S A engine, doesn't look like any one I've ever seen.

  5. there isn't one thing I dont love about that cycle. awesome.

  6. Chuck Lane says:

    Sweet looking scooter.  Some tips on bump-starting that may help next time. Use second gear, if you don't already do that, and pull it back in gear until you hit compression before pushing. When you bump, do it with throttle off until it begins to fire, then with your butt still on the seat, feed some throttle and slip the clutch as you take off, and throw your right leg over the top. If you time it all correctly, you'll be ready to hit third as you get settled in. (From an ex-road racer, back in the days when we had to bump-start when the flag dropped.)

  7. Arian_179 says:

    BSA not Dead!…Badly Beautiful…can't wait build my A10

  8. revvhard says:

    beautiful. Man… I need to get my BSA going!!!!!!!!!

  9. jmshaw357 says:

    He's an elderly man bump-starting that bike by himself, but he seems to do it effortlessly. Good goin'! I am 64 yrs old and had to bump-start a '79 Goldwing by myself recently, it is a damned hard job, let me tell you!

  10. James Hirst says:

    No heated grips or seat  –  no abs brakes  –  no electric start  –  The way it should be   !!!  

  11. James Hirst says:

    Too cool  !!!      Where did You get them pipes ???

  12. atsernov says:

    LOL, F**K your kick starter, real men bump start their ride.

    But MAN that thing ticks over smooth. A little faster than I like, but damn smooth. Wonder if it'd be as smooth at half that RPM.

  13. DCE198369 says:

    The best bikes truly are British 🇬🇧

  14. autocrow says:

    Awesome bike! Glad you are not my neighbor.

  15. steve matz says:

    Norm, you've got to quit starting those loud motorcycles in the Kingdom Hall Parking lot.The Jehovah Witness Elders will call the cops on you and you could end up in prison for excessive noise violations… I watched the video twice but still missed the FIRE BREATHING…lol…s.m.

  16. OTheGuyO says:

    Had a flick through the comments but can't really tell what model this is, Can anyone give me some quick info? That's a beast.

  17. John Maddin says:

    The sweet, sweet sound of the Birmingham Small Arms motorcycle company !

  18. Didn't see any fire but that engine sure sounds good

  19. This is a cool bike, shame its a show pony, put a young talented rider on it and watch it race, this will destroy the chrome but it will still look good, maybe even a little better..

  20. Are it's inards supposed to be exposed like that on the left side of the engine?

  21. marco Polo says:

    why do BSA sound so much better then a triumph ???

  22. Gohot229 says:

    Set up nice, Love the Flat Track look on any bike. Still think I'd put the kicker back on though,but thats moot. Wouldn't this be a great street toy…!!!! Dream…

  23. Rikitocker says:

    What I call REAL motorcycles … BSA, Triumph et al … beautiful!

  24. eddietwang says:

    would you have this much fun from something made in the land of the riseing sun?

  25. It takes a bit of practice to learn how to start and ride a bike side-saddle like that. I was holding my breath, mainly because the first time I ever tried that, I tipped the bike over on its right side! Felt stupid, but live and learn I guess. Very nice BSA!

  26. @oregonmeds

    What electric start? Kick start forever.

  27. tallpaul881 says:

    I was about 21 when a friend of mine (a bouncer, no-less) 5 years older bought a 441. He offered to let me ride it since he knew that I'd ridden a few bikes of my own. I said: No-WAY! That thing shifts and brakes on the WRONG sides! I'll wreck it, and you'll beat me up, right? He said: No I won't! You'll get the hang of it, hop on! So I rode it about 4 miles, VERY fast. When I came back telling him how far I'd ridden it, in the little amt. of time it took me, THEN he 'almost' kicked my butt.

  28. oregonmeds says:

    Love the bike but he's too old to race, switch it back to electric start so you can use it more before your hip goes out

  29. 11green11 says:

    aren't you boys a ll old to be runnin that thing around like that lol! xD seriously tho, nice effin bike !

  30. RECONDO101st says:

    The name is "Arthur Fonzarello".

  31. KJeezy351 says:

    Love the starting. Way-cool!

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