Finlandia – Motorcycle Touring in Finland on a Triumph Speed Triple Teaser

Watch the whole series here: What is a life if it were not filled firsts. My first summer …


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29 Comments to “Finlandia – Motorcycle Touring in Finland on a Triumph Speed Triple Teaser”

  1. Found you on tumblr! Subscribed!

  2. BLDH says:

    I just got to say that your thumbnails might be the best looking on youtube! Bloody awesome! :D

  3. John Jones says:

    Beautiful video and haunting music…..thank you.

  4. Diefullah says:

    dat soundtrack doe! simply immersive!

  5. Diefullah says:

    i freakin' hate you! why do you have to edit so well? i need to get this level!

  6. Smo says:

    Cracking video dude!

  7. Schaaf says:

    epic trailer, Finn!! The footage looks incredibly good! Bravo!!!

  8. Mage016FIN says:

    Wow, great edit. Excited to see how will the final masterpiece come out if this is just a teaser. Hieno on video, Turun saaristosta?

  9. Blahdeblah52 says:

    Ahh, that is art mate.
    Wow, if I only did this stuff 20 years ago..Envious!! Don't you very dare call me 'Alex' after all this editing lark 😉
    Mate, I DO understand!!!

  10. Riding Japan says:

    yes, great editing and great shot. you are really good at the trailer stuff:)

    can you give me some pointers on where to get some music like that?

  11. Siisti hombre… bit of a sekoitus of pasaa here… Well done… (Eng. Suomi, Thai & Espanõl) 

  12. Gurra says:

    Awesome, i need to go to Finland :)

  13. Virtu FA says:

    fantastic editing cant wait to see more.  erm and wow Finland looks epic

  14. The Crumble says:

    Lovely editing and total respect for the amount of effort that's gone into it. Look forward to the rest of the Speed Triple shots!! 

  15. Surf Pilot says:

    This intro my friend is staggeringly good! so good infact i got goosebumps followed by an erection. amazing edit, film quality edit to be honest. well done sir.

  16. 33WingNuts says:

    and thats Finland added to the list of places to go :)

  17. Max Wild says:

    Oh man, that was beautiful. Great shots and nicely edited. Now I want to go to Finland!

  18. Wow that leaves wanting for more for sure
    Great video

  19. philjonesuk says:

    Wow. That editing. Gave me goosebumps sir! Can't wait to hear that Speed Triple getting a ragging though… ;-)

  20. Motorbiker says:

    Looks like an advert to visit Finland. Good find on the music too. Good edit.

  21. Awesome mate…really looking forward to these!

  22. Gra Ward says:

    What a superb vid, looking forward to the series.

  23. Holy fuck man! This is amazing!! I wish I had an inch of the creativity that you have! I'd die happy if I put together something like this! Can't wait for the series :)

  24. More, give us MORE! Stunning 'stuff' mate

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