Embarking on an Epic Motorcycle Journey: Doin’ it Baja (Part 1/8)

Doin’ It Baja chronicles the 2200 mile motorcycle trip taken by Arto Saari, Heath Kirchart, Keegan Sauder, and Patrick O’Dell from San Diego to the tip of Baja California, Mexico. They were joined by friends Harvey Foster, Kynan Tait, and Hime Hu, and lead by the indomitable Bill Bryant.

Watch each part here!
Part 1/8: http://bit.ly/Baja-1
Part 2/8: http://bit.ly/Baja-2
Part 3/8: http://bit.ly/Baja-3
Part 4/8: http://bit.ly/Baja-4
Part 5/8: http://bit.ly/Baja-5
Part 6/8: http://bit.ly/Baja-6
Part 7/8: http://bit.ly/Baja-7
Part 8/8: http://bit.ly/Baja-8

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40 Comments to “Embarking on an Epic Motorcycle Journey: Doin’ it Baja (Part 1/8)”

  1. Sergiusz says:

    This looks staged and artificial + all those 'cool' dues are simply trying too much…

  2. hitric32 says:

    Looks like good times if ya ask me …

  3. STIK977 says:

    man I have to do a another road trip soooooon !!!!

  4. nitroxsam66 says:

    Les Haserot "Baja King" was doin this run every year in the 40's when the "roads" were little more than old cart paths. He used to soak his bike down so all the bolts would rust so the old Harley wouldnt fly apart on the heavily rutted paths.

  5. Schizoman says:

    Helmet law is mention in this and i dont care if the law is there or not im going to wear one but just as long as the law is fair like here in the UK you have to wear some kind of helmet except if your religion states you have to wear a turban or burka, which i think is bullshit, it should be either the law to wear a helmet or not otherwise your are by definition discriminating against people rather then being fair.

  6. Justin W says:

    i figure if you love motorcycles it shouldnt matter whos sitting on it. its just dudes diggin the vibe and riding. no need to hate although its easy to do.

  7. Why is everyone ripping this to shreds? Hipster this, hipster that… Shut the fuck up and just watch, if it's not for you then watch something else

  8. I thought like whoevers gonna come on this trip they're going to be fucking badass………after that comment you see a bunch of pussy making pictures to post in facebook or whatever..

  9. Greg Mirr says:

    I like his comment " as long as i'll be comfortable " sorry Dudes no starbucks in Baja ..

  10. Dana Muise says:

    what a bunch of pussy hipsters

  11. fasignal says:

    what the hell dose this video have to do with motorcycle traveling , please rename this video political video

  12. Nolan Orvold says:

    Here is the fucking thing everyone seems to miss these people are enjoying a fucking trip on some Harley who gives a shit if these aren't your kinda friends these guys are all friends and are doing something they fucking love. motorcycles and skating are bringing them together the moral is just enjoying life for fuck sakes and all I see is hatred who cares if they are hippies or not they are having fun and I'm having fun watching these videos while you guys who don't enjoy them are spending time criticizing it for fuck sakes if you don't like it turn it off and go do something you fucking enjoy.

  13. I agree mate!!! This guys riding in a big group and freaking out during this baja ride??? don't get me wrong, its a great adventure and I loved it when I did it. But mates, baja is no different from the US, in fact its a "free zone" meaning you can drive down from California with minimal requirements. 4 years ago I rode my v Strom 650 from los Angeles to la paz, 2up and it was awesome. Then took a ferry to mainland mexico (mazatlan), we rode about 3 weeks through Mexico, then a month to cross central America. In Panama we took a ferry to colombia and 6 months later, I had to sold the bike and we flew back to Los Angeles. how I did it? fuck!! hell of a ride. we worked, volunteered, he faced dangers and went through a lot of pain. I was 26 years old and an inexperienced rider while my now wife is asian American, but im fluent in spanish. Yeah it was stupid, but I would do it again if I could. That changed my our life but one thing I can assure you, I never freak the fuck out. You fucking cant!!! ride safe mates, love from California.

  14. Trail Guy says:

    fabulously well produced! great panoramic views. well cut dialogue. I'm on this trip to the end!!

  15. Bobber H says:

    I'm with you Rocky Mountain. these guys are Awsome.

  16. that first smile when you know some crazy adventure is going to happen right now.!

  17. Slow Mo says:

    If you're really interested in adventurous motorcycle travelling, better check out ED MARCH or ALEX CHACON here on youtube!

  18. Blaugrana 95 says:

    for the intro alone this documentary is legendary.

  19. ryanhayn says:

    Sorry, Harley, but this does not make me want to buy a Harley.

  20. Chris Garcia says:

    need to work on their lines in corners

  21. Sara Merrill says:

    Motorcycles Rule The World, Fastest things on two wheels. Skin Heads are over ruled by Motorcycles because motorcycles stay ahead of the madness.

  22. Casey Klein says:

    Uptalking coffee house "bikers"………"like, seriously guys….we really want to join the Mongols"

  23. Filip lahoda says:

    I love to travel on a motorcycle, but after the introduction of these unlikable characters, I have to turn this off

  24. "AS LONG AS I'LL BE COMFORTABLE"What a donkey.

  25. …these clowns piss me off. bandwagon jerkoffs.

  26. sdrawkcaBssA says:

    So scary riding through Mexico with a whole film crew, guide, support vehicles, and any amenities one could think of. Loins, tigers and bears, oh my!

  27. Joseph Gelb says:

    It's satirical in a way

  28. We are so humble; we allow any gringo or gabacho to enter and get wasted in Mexico; pollute our Ocean and bring their lack of culture. Our borders are completly open, no restrictions at all. Seriously, they are not providing any talent , or experience or help. The "United Estadians" do not have freedom of transit in their "home land", not even for their citizens, and here they come ready to ramble. Como Pedro por su casa. We want tourists with money to spend it in Mexico, to create jobs and to make our country prosperous. We have enough with all the problems created by the traffic of drugs to worry about a bunch of freedom seekers. If they need meaning and adventure in their life, they should try another place and time. They live in a society conditioned to follow so many rules, and suddenly they become wild beasts here. Fuera del guacal y listos para pagar mordidas. Yes, they should be afraid and worry. The organize crime kills a lot more than Taliban and Isis combined. Look at all the empty houses and think, where is the people? In the last decade every body knows of a neighbor, friend or relative who was kidnaped, killed or a victim of assault, robed or extortion. There is no asylum for Mexicans even if we live unde a "Estate" of Terrorism. Honestly next time, think of Mexico as North Korea in order to reach your travel destination.

  29. Mr23325 says:

    I'm going to tell you guys a secret. This may come as a shock to some of you but actually…. Actually you can read/watch something you disagree with or something you don't like and completely move on with your life without making a bad comment? Isn't it awesome?!

  30. Coffee house nomads. Oh man, they are working so hard at getting that rat-rod Harley Born-to-be-wild look going, I thought it was an Onion satire piece.

  31. valhala56 says:

    Harley's on dirt roads and offroad? What type of Morons are these? They never heard of Dual Sport or Adventure bikes?

  32. i'll have to buy a hoodie, really soon, WTF,

  33. budmurftube says:

    Harley Davidson Reality TV.   Just like real Harley riders….. no riding, just a lot of talk about riding.

  34. Eric Sison says:

    so after opening your beer, you just gotta throw the lid in ocean? i hope you didn't.

  35. vice PLEASE do more videos like this. i watch it like once every other month

  36. TheSoren54 says:

    too much hipsterism for me. "i knew anyone going was going to be a bad ass.. . " Says the man wearing a scarf

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