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  1. Rote Riemenkaeseschleudern,Verkleidungen und Schriftzuege a bisserl Amateur – Look,not so eklig,but Bimota rules,yiiihhaaahh….

  2. I wish i had one…….
    but Im happy with my Rickman Kawa:-) so long

  3. hrd egli an legend the most dreamy bike in the world

  4. Bob Webb says:

    Keith, I rode one of the Egli Vincents, very close to authentic race rep. That thing could really handle. I was tuning and setting up endurance race Nortons at the time.

  5. @edslides Yes, racing on flat track and speed ways, not to mention the suicidal board tracks and hill climbs.. Now put them on the road course? not so good, sure some minor successes in the early 70's. 

  6. robmanueb2 says:

    Vintage bike porn. I remember a write up on the Egli Kawasaki from 20 years ago. Wheel stands from 130 to 160 mph in 3rd gear. The owner bought it in the States then moved to Germany so he could ride it properly. 230hp without the nitros. The nitros was kinda for show as 500hp was a bit much for the road!

  7. joe alcott says:

    ahhh,looks like my friends laverda(first bike) proper running honda six is a fright train

  8. Marco ocraM says:

    Tja, die Zeiten sind leider vorbei.
    Aber geil waren sie- damals!

  9. Marcel Klein says:

    Nice bikes…!

    crackferry = limpnudle :)

  10. freeclimb64 says:

    Horrible design,
    but good music

  11. mac163 says:

    egli. the master bike builder of all time! for show and go!

  12. ducatiman77 says:

    Wonderful photos.thank you! Anyone know who's performing the music?

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