Douchebags Ride Chopper Motorcycles? | MotoVlog

Good and bad about chopper motorcycles. Would I ever get one? FYI – Links to get all of my gear below: Get My Action Camera CHEAP here: …


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  1. Ibcn Things says:

    Man, I love your vids. I found you due to wanting a dual-sport (and now definitely getting a WR250R) but I appreciate even the one's that don't feature the WR250R. You're my favorite Moto-Tuber but now you've become one of my favorite people period. Great work.

  2. Evo Guy says:

    choppers rules, superbikes are crap esspecially yellow color

  3. Rico Lopez says:

    w 117th couple blocks from me, great vids man keep reppin the 216

  4. wordreet says:

    Choppers, with proper extended forks and laid back rake, are way preferable to a plain Harley. The chopper is ridiculously impractical and somewhat uncomfortable to ride and ridiculously cool, while the Harley is . . . just an armchair bike.

  5. Eddy Adkins says:

    Obviously you haven't rode for many year or many different bikes. The Bike you ride gives riders bad names. I have ridden for over 50 years and I have some advice for you. Gold wings, Ultra HD, and most everything else. You just need to get on a American Iron Horse Texas Chopper. There is nothing that rides as smooth on the highway as a Texas Chopper. It really blew my mind and will yours too. Don't judge what you haven't ridden. I have ridden many bikes like yours and will never own one. A Motos would be the closest I would own. Any guy that rides in shorts is a dumbass not matter what he rides. Ride safe and TRY a HD Roadglide.

  6. TheNostorian says:

    A chopper handles quit well tbh. But those costum builds are a whole diffrent story.

  7. i take my cruiser on the twisties all the time. im a sport bike guy at heart, but if youre a experienced rider, you can have a great time on a cruiser hittin the twisties. plus, contrary to what you believe, i have 18" carlini apes on my vulcan drifter and its very stable, granted im 6'5", but apes are stable if you dont get them too big. mine put my hands at shoulder heighth, which keeps my back straight and keeps me more comfortable on long rides. ive done week long rides on that bike camping off of it and the apes saved my back. but keep putting out these great vids, always entertaining.

  8. SoopaBee says:

    I agree. I think they look sick. And I'd love to ride one. But I've heard the same thing about the handling.

  9. To ride a chopper, is mainly used for the interstates for rides out to Sturgis, or Daytona Bike Week, and maybe to Bikes, Blues, and BBQ in Fayetteville, but to take a chopper out on the twisty roads here in Arkansas is probably not be a good idea. I have yet to see a chopper on a twisty road here in Arkansas, such as the Pig Trail or the Arkansas Dragon (aka Hwy 123 South), unless it is of the vertical kind that flies around in the sky. :)

  10. boomerhgt says:

    Yeah your right choppers are all about Moto Guzzi Griso was in for a service and I borrowed a chopper from the dealer..looked great but fuck what a pain in the Arse to ride.

  11. C'mon CYCLECRUZA…. yeah, you got riding skillz on the Sreet. (Where it counts, man).
    We know!
     Now – we wanna see you on the TRACK, man. Bring the respect – we don't want any hate. Just your awesome VLOG documting how it is on THE TRACK.
    Bring back the 600CC sportbike, where it was meant to dominate…. THE TRACK!
    Show us some CYCLECRAUZA, man…. Track Style.

  12. high speed stability in a straight line. better than your sport bike. think about those long dragsters. other than that terrible at slow speeds for turning.

  13. younger chicks seem to be more into sport bikes it seems.

  14. Andrew c says:

    Some boring ass streets , all looks the same

  15. so says the wigger squid ..

  16. when I did my training I saw a 2300cc triumph

  17. I ride to enjoy the ride. If the bike is comfortable, I do not care what is under my ass. I have never had any of my bikes make me feel a particular way aside from confident about what is under me. I do grin every time I overtake a poser on a production chopper. The point to a chopper is you bought and chopped the bike yourself, you know custom. But today it is very rare to pass a personally chopped bike, they are just another over priced production bike that handles poorly. Most of them look like trailer queens and like they get very little actual riding time.

  18. vehlajatt22 says:

    get you a honda fury that bike is comfy and smooth af. it handles ok too

  19. the OCC bikes are not riding bikes they are just for looks I have a Harley I would never get a OCC bike to ride

  20. You sound black in this video?

  21. Why you sound like some country billy boy, but drive around in black hoods? xD Or am I way too sleepy?

  22. Dickey Moto says:

    i miss occ, it sucks how they fought all the freaking time and ruined the show.

  23. Jeesh hseeJ says:

    Cycle there's a bunch of choppers on the east side of Cleveland on my way home from work on Friday nights I see them all the time around 55th Buckeye Kinsman and Woodland area

  24. FigzBeeTV says:

    Camo Pants + Bike Color DON'T GO TOGETHER

  25. Hey Cruza have you seen these bikers for TRUMP yet???

  26. Cycle cruza make a video of passenger rider Have u ever took a girl a your bike out ?

  27. sunbirdturbo says:

    Hey brother. It's awesome to have found a local rider on here. I'm from canton Ohio. Just bout my first bike, a 2008 V star 1300. I love your videos.

  28. What's his bike? An R6 or an R1?

  29. Cycle Cruza, have done a videos on counter steering ?

  30. got a question man. in the US at every three way junction ,does people give way for you to go first? how do you anticipate that when there isnt any traffic lights?

  31. Mal Reynolds says:

    Choppers are gay. They look like shit, and they handle even worse! Choppers died in the 1990's. They were a big FAD back then, but nobody wants them anymore. I see them on CL for sale all the time, owner can't give them away! They say $45k in receipts, asking $15k OBO. Hahahaha! Total waste of money.

  32. Mike Brink says:

    Choppers are just not practical……. no rear seat, no saddlebags, no windshield, makes it even more impractical….Strictly a secondary ride on the weekends to the bar and park out front kinda bike…Can you imagine trying to ride a chopper to work everyday in rush hour traffic??? A hard tail chopper or bobber is an oxymoron, they build a bike with a "comfortable" seating/riding position but have no rear shock so it's not only uncomfortable to ride but harder to handle & more dangerous, bouncing all over the place every time you hit a pot hole…Even more of an oxymoron is a hard tail 250cc bobber or chopper like those cheap Chinese bikes…Since the best riding place for them is on a smooth flat road like the interstate but the little 250cc air cooled Chinese motor is not made for cruising at 75 mph…I think Cleveland Cycle Werks is a joke, they bought cheap Chinese bikes and with very misleading advertising, pretended they were American made..The 500cc misfit bike looked kinda promising.. Since it's a simple air cooled carbureted engine it could be worked on at home…..If the price was cheap and if it was reliable and you could get parts easy..I think i'd be a good low budget bike, I don't think CCW will be in business for very long. Why buy a Chinese bike from them when u can just order one for $500–$1,000 cheaper straight from china ?? The only way they can stay in business is if they can build a decent bike for cheaper & offer parts and service…I love they way the heist 250cc looks, it'd actually be kinda practical if it was say a 500cc soft tail bobber…

  33. got a harley davidson sportster 883 xl, and I will tell you that thing is a dream to ride.

  34. Jesus Christ says:

    Choppers and sport bikes have douchebags riding them and they also have responsible rides that take it seriously I hate douchebag riders they ride with 0 gear and do nothing but talk how fast or better their bike is compared to you. What I hate the most they rev every single time or do random burn outs.

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