Don’t Be a Fag

What people think of annoying motorcycle riders who blip their throttles needlessly and rev their engines just to make noise. Composed of short clips from South Park’s F Word episode.


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29 Comments to “Don’t Be a Fag”

  1. TonyKnockOff says:

    What can I call the black people who play obnoxiously loud music in residential areas?

  2. Dedicated to Lost MC in GTA V

  3. I never even seen this episode before but I like it. I like it a lot. Especially 1:10

    For those commenting, yes, the term "fags" can be applied to those who drive modified performance cars really loudly in residential streets.

    I'm glad Matt n Trey put these fags in their place.

  4. Andy Gomez says:

    Loud fag on Harley = I am broadcasting my insecurity over my tiny penis by waking everyone up.

  5. I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe.
    Not all bikers are like this, understood, but damn, chill your loud bikes out. A lot people don't give a fuck…

  6. Heh ricers and bikers all belong in the same catogory, they love making obnoxious sounds

  7. Hunter S Thompson's career would of had a weird start if he wrote a book about these fags.

  8. This new gta online update brought me over here XXD

  9. losiboy454 says:

    the only harley i would ever consider owning would be the sportster iron… then after seeing the price fuck that

  10. I was in a car with a friend from the UK who was smoking a fag, when a group of fags lane split between my car and the faggot VW Beetle next to me.

    I called out "Fags!".

    My friend threw me a cigarette, the fags in the Beetle flipped me off, and the real fags on the Harleys just rode on.

  11. WHAT! The best part of this whole episode is at the end when the guy says, "These people are legitimate fags!"

  12. obglobgablob says:

    My dad's been a keen Harley rider for years and I showed him this episode. He tried to mask the butthurt with laughter, but I knew.

  13. True Gunner says:

    Ain't no sensible reason why we should call them "cigarettes?"…. Greetings from her majesty the Queen.

  14. Darude says:

    I saw one of those fucking morons getting scooped up off the free way last week.

  15. honorguard88 says:

    I like how the video has to define "fag" both at the start and end to not piss off hippie liberals.

  16. Chris Shau says:

    0:10 are they munching p***ies?

  17. Ron Marshall says:

    they wear chaps! it lets their fag fanny advertise their fagness. they have cum in their beards. They ride close to each other so they can pat each other on their fag fanny.

  18. Rusty Nugget says:

    i love how harley riders think they're cool. i thought they were fags even when i was a little kid. loud noise to compensate for that mini dick

  19. fegasd says:

    Bikers are fags… have to be in groups, need to be loud… lack of self-esteem.

  20. I ride motorcycles, and horses, race cars on dirt tracks, and drive trucks across country, I don't get the punch line, at all

  21. only thing I could think about during biketober fest

  22. this episode was so well put together

  23. "what do you call some one who is thinking about buying a harley but hasn't decided"? "bikeourious"

  24. Wesley K. says:

    RideNow PowerSports…. True fags

  25. So the loud Japanese motorcycles are okay and only loud Harleys are fags? I want to make sure I'm stereotyping correctly. What about the loud Victorys? Are they ok? I'm assuming the loud buzzing crotch rockets are fine? Boy, all this vitriol sure can be confusing. Being holier than thou is harder than it looks.

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