23 Comments to “Demo Ride Site 2014 Indian Motorcycle @ Sturgis 2013 #1”

  1. Okie Rider says:

    I knew tht you were a Hardly-American, I mean Harley-Davidson, fan boy.

  2. Okie Rider says:

    MC, can you please shut the hell up so we can hear the bikes rumble by? Geez, at least talk about 'em after they're done riding by you.

  3. Manny P says:

    To anyone who has ridden an Indian: Are the stock seats comfortable or at least comparable to a Mustang seat?

  4. Manny P says:

    This will apply to H-D's motors for their 2015 bikes too when they switch to the V-Rod engine for almost their entire line up….

  5. 1984redcloud says:

    And the Black Vintage as well…lol

  6. jim morrison says:

    I test drove these bike's and do like the style of Indian's and hope they stay in production for ever but as i said in other post they do have at least a few more year's to get it right and hope they do. Would i buy one now new at a price of $12,000. no! Would not think of it at $18,900. either! Keep the wheel's rollin!!!!

  7. jim morrison says:

    2014 Indian has a long way to go!Top heavy,engine heat extreme on left side???Crude built exhaust,speedometer to far below eye level,Horse power rating is way over rated,extreme engine noise above 4500 RPM,cheap looking tail and turn signal asy.I have owned Honda,Yamaha,Gilroy 2002 Indian scout,2002 Indian chief 100 power plus engine and currently own 103ci street glide.Just giving a head's up to all.

  8. rockergod789 says:

    the goddamn epa restricts the noise level put out by motorcycle exhaust.
    there will be aftermarket exhaust available in a few months, so be patient.

  9. mb19842002 says:

    That fairing looks like it belongs on a Victory Jetsons' bike 😉

  10. mb19842002 says:

    Beautiful, but they are way too quiet!

  11. Okie Rider says:

    Why is the screen bouncing up & down in the beginning of the video?

  12. AZInfidel65 says:

    That fairing is beautiful! Instant classic!

  13. yodaisgod2 says:

    I think we got more detail of the cement than the bikes.

  14. Curt8153 says:

    The red one with leather bags. SWEET!

  15. robcig says:

    I'm like you, the locomotive fairing has grown on me…importantly, the damn thing works…unlike the fairing on the Street Glide that causes enormous wind buffetting. HD, your move…

  16. MC says:

    There was nothing to draw on from Indian’s prior designs for a fairing. Instead they were inspired by a locomotive of the era, according to the factory rep. Others I spoke to saw a Chieftain’s war bonnet in the design. So there ya go.

  17. MC says:

    Absofreakinlutely, I would. The brand is iconic, the art is that of sculpting in metal and Polaris has the guns & ammo to make it happen.

    I would like to amend a comment in one of the vids about the fairing on the Chieftain being someone’s nightmare. After another test ride and just spending more time around the tribe I am starting to cozy up to it. Others I spoke to seemed accepting too.

  18. robcig says:

    N (if that's your real name), that was an excellent review, thanks again. I guess the question is, would you fork out your hard earned for on of these babies? Loyal HD following and other marketing BS aside, could you live with this bike for the long term?? They seem to have the engineering clout to make a decent, reliable and durable machine…..

  19. MC says:

    I just posted my review above.

  20. robcig says:

    Did you test ride one?? If so, what do you think?

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