Delboy’s Garage, Triumph Bonneville, Vinyl Wrap, Tank Badge

Follow up from the tank repaint in liquid wrap, dry enough now to mask and paint the badges.. Music today supplied by local Band “The Transitions”, Free to …


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  1. Mark Morgan says:

    hi del. can you help? i've taken my tank badges off (to get the tank sprayed) what's the best stuff to stick them back on? cheers, mark.

  2. hi the channel belongs to jonathen mackie

  3. hi really like your posts if you want to see some where you need to go on a bike have a look at 3 day southern alps tour south island nz I stayed at the place at 31 mins for 6/8 wks its amazing

  4. bandit_Brian says:

    sorry penny but i think Chrome :D

  5. Another excellent video guys. I don't know how these vids affect anyone else but for me I love the fact that you are both investing time and energy to share with others; plus they have given me the confidence to do more work on my bike than I otherwise would have done. Just yesterday I had my fork springs out in preparation for some pre-load work. Just need to find some right size tubage.

    You ARE making a difference.

    Keep on keepin' on Guys,


    PS Very cool track – big applause for The Transitions !!!!!

  6. It's hard to know for sure without seeing it in sunlight but I like it, I know I'm a bit late to this video and you've already taken it off but I do think it looks pretty good.

  7. Maybe peel off the 'Triumph' letters to match the 'Bonneville' written on the casing below the seat. Bit fiddly but spotted it at 6:58 and thought it might go well! Looks lovely so far.

  8. MrCimexman says:

    Got to go Chrome, it will stand out better. Great job though

  9. kadir singer says:

    Hi Delboy! Can you repeat what kind of "Vinyl Paint" is it? I would like to give it a Try in my sportster

  10. del nothing about this but for everyone else ace-cafe orlando usa will have the ribbon cutting  april 30th at noon… the real opening will in a few months late summer ..phase -1 just to get a cash flow coming in and events …. this is for the press and tele and the big wigs to thump their chest and tell everyone vote for me i am doing good for you .. local pack will show for back ground color on t.v. cheer wave eat some cips fryied in full syn 10-30 ..

  11. Nick Green says:

    I'm all about it all being blacked out. I have done away with most the chrome stuff on my bike but like another guy said maybe a little to much but it still looks good either way. Side question what is the temp rating on that stuff? For example could you do the rocker boxes on a sporty? Mine are chrome and they are driving me nuts lol.

  12. Zee Treqz says:

    the colour combo looks good however, if it is possible to get the writing alone in chrome i think it would look awesome because now it just looks like a black "thing" on the tank (just my opinion).

  13. What about a spot of pink, it is for penny after all ;)

  14. You know the old saying, you never get a second chance with a first impression, Penny not sure, Del thinks chrome too, I think the chrome will highlight the tank to perfection. Good work though Del :)

  15. bigoz1977 says:

    Pretty cool job Del 🙂 looks good bud. Although i think you may be right with the chrome, may just look a bit better. If there wasn't already the chrome and silver accents over the bike it would be better keeping as is but… to go chrome!
    On another note, im almost fully healed and got back on the bike on thursday 😀 woohoo bike sailed through and MOT so fully legal and back on the road again, now just getting some miles under my belt to get the confidence back up again. need to get my head around the fact im not gonna bin it on every corner i come to lol conering like a total newbie 🙁 oh well time is needed and time is what i will give it. Cool vid again mate and Penny's bike is looking great. take it easy mate ride safe :)

  16. Chris Sugar says:

    Gotta say i'm another one for the chrome
    Bring out the bling lol

  17. grizta30 says:

    Original chrome badge for me bud, painting the badge always looks diy to me.

  18. Micky Boy says:

    Think I'm with most others. The chrome would look outstanding. Love the colour of the tank though.

  19. BOOMER says:

    How about remove the wrap from just the raised triumph letter? It still look cool either way

  20. 4dread5 says:

    I'm a huge fan of your videos, love the way you create tutorials more for the average joe and none of this special tool malarky. I'm thinking it'll look good if you went back to chrome, matches the other accents you highlighted on the bike. The black looks a bit out of place imo.

  21. jeff brown says:

    Drive it for awhile , like you say ,you can easily peel it off anytime.     Cheers!

  22. xcox84 says:

    Leave the badge black, just paint the Triumph lettering with chrome paint. Not the hole letters just the outside of each letter. So it matches the engine block.

  23. Paul Ford says:

    Looks different with the black. I would leave it a couple of weeks, then see how you feel.
    Would look good chrome though.
    That's the beauty of this though, just peels off :)

  24. jason bevan says:

    Great vid mate. You make it look so easy. I vote chrome though.

  25. I know its a bit more expensive but I highly recommend the green frog tape for masking. Its leaps and bounds better than anything else on the market :)

  26. Hellooo,
    I think it looks Ok but for me I would do chrome but then it's not my bike and we are all different.
    I hope you're both well.

  27. springy 2112 says:

    PHEW! That was a bit of a nail biter with the masking..Great vid again you lovely people but sorry its chrome for me and I hate chrome with a vengeance .Normally go dark side but not on this one…Like you say it's a bit of fun and you can chop and change as you please..But has been real entertaining…
    Thanks again Db and Pp love all your output ..xxxxxxxxx

  28. TheDbooth81 says:

    Lol my bad that's a shame would have looked really cool. I would have to say all chrome then. keep up the good work bud😃

  29. Keith Pearse says:

    Not too sure ,,,,,, Just like the silver highlight on the mag wheels, would the outline of the lettering only, look ok if it was taken back to chrome?? Would that be too many colours – Grey, Black, Chrome??
    As you say just a bit of fun.

  30. Its a long shot but you could have the best of both worlds and have part of the badge black and the rest chrome e.g. The letters a different colour to the background
    Anyway whatever you choose it'll look smart 

  31. kieli says:

    I would go for the chrome badge….but that's my opinion….keep it the way you like it!

  32. Nice easy job Del, I might have been tempted to try them in the same silver as the Bonneville decals on the side panels! Black normally bro I'd tell ya but to be honest I'm not totally sold on it, but hey the rest of the bike looks sweet, It's down to Penny really who are we to say what she likes, not me bro, no way am I disagreeing with a woman, lol, RSM8.

  33. BarnsleyBob says:

    Love the black badges! My Scrambler is the graphite/silver/grey (whatever you wanna call it) model and I wanted to de-badge it and have the 'Triumph' logo sprayed on professionally in black, as I've added quite a few black parts in place of chrome. Might just black the badges this way now though… Cheers for another top video guys! :)

  34. hdfatboy329 says:

    Great work brother, looks good. A little chrome would make it pop !! lol
    Ride Safe……

  35. Will Service says:

    The moody looking tank is very cool…what's better is its easily changeable as you said!!!

  36. looks great !! however what about Chrome "Triumph" and black for the rest of the badge

  37. DukeDyson says:

    Looks good buddy but I can't help thinking that a touch of shiny will give a nice contrast and fit in with the other bits.  Less is more and all that  :)

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