Delboy’s Garage, Triumph Bonneville Knee Pads.

At last, an alternative option for the factory Bonneville Knee Pads with “Triumph” on… not just cheaper, but better quality too.. as ever, from Motone;- …


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  1. spiggidyyy says:

    The edge of my thumbs and fingers feel like they've been dragged across gravel. But well worth it

  2. TorontoJuly says:

    Thanks for the video! Nice job.

  3. Ben Meier says:

    Hey mate, you seem a pretty big fan of the 3M adhesives – what would you use to reattach a tank badge? (the plastic ones on the newer models…shame they don't use screws anymore.) Cheers, Ben

  4. Well, looks like Triumph listened. Check out the new T120, no more Triumph Triumph ! Nice one Delboy 🙂

  5. Great vid!!! Thanks for this. Thinking about getting my tank painted soon and need some replacement knee pads.

    Side note…What are those rear shocks called? Do they make a world of difference compared to the stock?

  6. Jon Lebel says:

    Waited three weeks + to let my freshly painted tank to "cure" before putting on my tank pads.  Love the Motone knee pads.  I'm Canadian but love the British Union Jack on my tank.  Bike now has class.  They go on tonight.  Thanks for the video showing how its done.  My bike is two tone paint so following the paint lines is easier than solid color tank.

  7. Jim B says:

    Thanks Delboy! Always thought the same about pads. I'm removing them just to show more paint. Good luck with the Harley, I was happy for your good fortune.

  8. Love your videos mate 🙂
    I've bought the motone pads aswell and i wanna ask you: are yours still in place? Is the 3m adhesive strong enough? They are lot thicker than the original ones and i wanna be sure that they won't drop off, especially at the edges, where you have to bend them to make em stick to the tank.

  9. I'm not the only one that felt overly branded! I just pulled them off my Scrambler and had one little 1" long strip of goo left on the tank. I waxed the area and I'm just leaving it naked for now.

    My fiancé told me to stick them on the side of the toilet … but they didn't stick!

    Thanks for the great, informative channel!

  10. robs thrux14 says:

    hey del great vid mate and I am going to order a set of those and motone's chain guard.l like them a lot. I'm just wondering what happened to the steering dampener that you mounted on the other month? was it any good or did I miss some thing. great show any way , looking forward to more of it cheers Rob.

  11. Hi Del, any chance you have the reference to that sticky 3M stuff on the kneepads? I have a pair of pads that came out of my tank when got it painted, and would like to reuse them. Triumph dealer said i had to buy new ones for a bucket load… or would you recommend any sticky stuff that's good for the job? Tks! Love your channel, you two make an excellent team! :)

  12. brilliant! I've been waiting for Motone to do these that said a while ago they were going to. I'm taking the badges off too. It says Triumph on the engine too. It's always bugged me and I'm not OCD. I've heard dental floss in a sawing action will lift the tank badges off? Any experience?

  13. companies do tend to put their name on every thing on the bike they can the tend to not want you to forget who made it

  14. springy 2112 says:

    Lovely job just makes perfect sense …
    I removed all the triumph badges on the rottweiller
    and had some stainless laser cut ones made and bolted to the cam cover ends….
    Triumph triumph triumph triumph……….
    Gas Gas….
    yum yum….
    choo choo…
    work work…
    fizzy fizzy…
    bang bang!

  15. Jon Lebel says:

    Now that I have my pads, I have a question.  I know the pads are for when you press your knees against the tank when needed (and for looks).  Its sounds silly, but, I'm new to riding the triumph and it's shape and I'm not sure if I'm sitting forward enough (?).  By that, I think I'm too far back on the seat and "leaning" too far forward.  I don't feel comfortable right up against the tank (throws off balance) and it causes pain in the wrist to sit further back and lean.  Can you do a video on proper siting technique (in the upright position) and handlebar position.  Also on the need for handlebar risers, barbacks, and type of handlebars (if you can't reach).  I'm 5"7" and 170 lbs., but I feel the bars are not far enough back.  Thanks.  JM, Canada.

  16. bandit_Brian says:

    Hey del heard the news from russ today and the lovely present can't wait to see you on it. Good things come to them who deserve it mate. Give my best to penny to.

  17. I had no idea Triumph was outsourced to Thailand. Funny thing is you NEVER see one over here. Harley yes and Honda are beyond huge with their scooter market but never seen a Triumph ever. Bet you I will now!

  18. KIZUKO1987 says:

    Just heard you've been given a Harley. What are your plans for it?!

  19. D & P – thanks for the vid – new pads, nice improvement, although maybe Triumph is onto something…..billboard motorcycles!!!  Let's put our name all up and down the bike and light the name up – Yee Haw!!!!   Please Triumph, don't pull a page out of the Murica book – ghastly!   EW :)

  20. WILLIE WISE says:

    As always great video ,I can't wait for your next post. I was just wondering if you received the pin I sent you from Waco Harley. WW

  21. spirda7 says:

    if you dont mind answering a question for me.

    my vstar had a wind screen on it when i bought it and the brackets that held the screen itself are mounted to the bike via the fork leg pinch bolts. i have the tools to remove them but i am wondering (since i dont have a lift/paddock stand or anything really but a scissor jack.) would it throw off the fork level and make them go out of alignment if i did one side then the other. since the bolts have to be removed to remove the brackets?

    also it would be on its side stand for the whole process.

  22. I know its mostly for the look in this case but nice grippy pads can really help your riding. Stomp grips are really all thats available for my bikes. Maybe someone could do one with a rising sun motif? lol

  23. Hi delboy, what's the make of your bike lift and how high can it raise your bike?

  24. Yeah, looks a good alternative, can't remember if my old '70 Bonnie had Triumph embossed on the knee pads or just plain

  25. another good method to use is the hinge method that I use for sign making, like you I have the confidence to put it straight on but if not a piece of tape on the rubber and tank once you've offered it off acts as a hinge so you can peel the tape off xx

  26. bandit_Brian says:

    don't forget to take the chicken strips off your new rubber :D

  27. GTs Garage says:

    Love the design on new pads. Surprised Triumph missed the opportunity to bring their own range out with the same design considering the flag is a major part of their branding.. Can see those doing very well in the Bonneville community.

  28. Very nice touch. Also nice that you can get a local product too.

  29. Jon Lebel says:

    I'm in Canada but went ahead and purchase a pair or my Bonneville.  I have the base model (blank canvas) so I don't have to take any pads off.  I was going to purchase the Triumph pads from the dealer but glad I watched your video.  May take a while for the package to get here but worth the wait.  Thanks.

  30. Ian Mcd says:

    Del, your comment "what DipShit thought of this" had me in stitches!!
    unfortunately that dipshit, probably earns double to what we earn 😭

  31. Double the pad for nearly half the price, cant get much better than that mate. I fitted some thick pads on an old bike a couple of years back, I knew they were going to try and lift themselves off, so warmed them up, so that when they cooled down, they were the right shape, never thought about tape lol, but it still worked. She's looking good mate.

  32. 1Ukrider says:

    suzuki van van… another one with a double name…. nice small mod…. :)

  33. Eric Tx says:

    so you put the English flag on the English bike……almost the same thing yeah? Speaking of prices the local harley dealer wants to charge you 200 dollars for a 1000 mile service, crazy eh? but those do look nicer than the old ones by a long way

  34. BarnsleyBob says:

    I took mine off (and didn't replace them as I've blacked the shiny badges) a while back but used a hair drier to soften the adhesive; I didn't realise they'd just peel straight off without heat!
    The left over adhesive definitely came off easily and quickly though… :)

  35. It's always the subtle touches that make the difference

  36. Jeff Cameron says:

    Mixed feeling on this mod….I do like the Union Jack logo over the dual Triumph but the new tank pads are too thick around the outside…much prefer the slim look of the originals.

  37. Paul Ford says:

    I know a couple people on the forum have mentioned about the black mark the Triumph pads leave on jeans. Might be a good upgrade :)

  38. Muttley says:

    Eucalyptus oil is also great for removing sticky labels and the sort, also keeps your nose nice and clear when riding.

  39. Goonster says:

    Now that`s what Triumph Triumph should have done done in the first first place! lol.
    Much nicer Del.Best of British.

  40. i understand the want for the knee pads … and the double name is not right looking ..[ but thats the way it was done years ago ] thus retro bike … so why not just heat gun and remove the chrome plastic emblem , and save the $$$$ i remember penny saying she did not want a grandpa's looking bike ..

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