Delboy’s Garage, Triumph Bonneville #9, Billet Filler Cap

Simple little upgrade, in with the TEC Bike Parts shopping spree, and as ever, a huge improvement over the factory item. Order direct from …


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  1. Nice little touch, and very practical.

  2. Nice and chunky! No fear of breaking a nail either Pen! Pretty and practical just like you girlfriend x

  3. Nice easy job, looks nice too, 

  4. Hey Del. I have started doing my motologs let me know what you think. Thanks. Huge fan btw. 

  5. I was wondering what the big deal was with replacing the filler cap. I wasn't aware work was needed to fit it. 

  6. Cool mod 😉 I bet Penny is really happy with the new bike and all the mods :p

  7. Mike G says:

    Love the bike, really coming along. And now a bash plate is on order. 😀 . I installed a center stand from TEC. Like everything else they make its a sweet piece and installs in min.

    So when are the renthals and mirrors coming? 😉

    Great videos!

  8. dprider02 says:

    I've found that a pretty effective way to launch a small part into the garage's black hole is when trying to clean it up with a wire wheel 🙂  Nice gas cap, btw.

  9. i just love that bike an the parts your putting on looks sweet

  10. hdfatboy329 says:

    Nice choice, looks great and gives the tank a little flare !!! Keep em coming,,
    Ride Safe…..

  11. jeff brown says:

    Penny:    That is one sweet,clean Bonneville.I think perhaps the paint colour will eventually grow on you It accents the chrome!……………Take Care….

  12. I forgot to order this Del but saw it listed.You're right, the existing cap is not the best design and  a tricky  thing to remove without damaging the paintwork. When I got the bike , I thought it was faulty !.Polished out with ' T-Cut ' the odd  mark  around it made by the previous owner..I did not realise the old mechanism is used, but thanks for the useful assembly tips. .Will call George tomorrow.I'm convinced your ' demonstration  ' videos of TEC's great products must have had a significant effect on sales –  shall find out !.

  13. Ping!…"Another dimension" I hear ya on that..I had many 10mm spanners that did that, never to be seen again….bit like the tools I've lent to people over the years lol

  14. I like that mod, very cool :-)

  15. ade theblade says:

    made in the twilight zone eh ? hmmmm ! nice bit of kit, and that was only 25 notes as well…..give us a dozen squire !! take care. Ade

  16. Simple yet very effective, it certainly adds to the bikes appearance Del.

  17. That's better it's got a bit of meat to it now!

  18. boxwoodgreen says:

    Does Tec custom shorten their center stands for the lowered Bonneville?

  19. i hope you got a good discount from tec!!! that was one hefty order!!!- did i spy upgraded clutch cable guide and dress up kit in the background too??? keep 'em coming guys!!!

  20. Nice and easy! With a darker colour tank it would look even nicer. Keep tinkering mate!

  21. JaffJaff says:

    Right that's it, I'm buying shares in Tecbikeparts….

  22. pgod1960 says:

    Another great piece of kit. :-)

  23. easy and simple upgraed that changes the look sweet just one thing circlips only go in one way thay have tapperd hole so you can lock your circlip pliers in all the best paul

  24. Perchance has Tecbike actually got any stock left or have you two bought everything 😉 Looks really nice on the tank,sure is coming along nicely

  25. unreal44 says:

    good thing to do plus it look cool

  26. Short n sweet! Looks more personalised now.

  27. zx8401ztv says:

    Loverly grippy chunky one :-))

    My old kawa has the key/chrome flap type so its a bit boring lol.

  28. Gloves? Only when it's below 45 degrees! …. 😉 … Bike is looking great! Once those cams get changed it's gonna be a screamer!

  29. Ted Swerve says:

    Sweet, looks so much better!

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