Delboy’s Garage, Triumph Bonneville #4, Brake Pads

last of the maintenance jobs, now we can get on with the modifications from the next video on…!


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  1. Great video, Delboy. So I took the calipers apart to put in some new pads because mine are starting to sound really squeaky. After really looking at the pads currently on my bike, however, it doesn't look like there has been much wear on them at all. In fact, they almost look brand new. Any idea why I might be having a squeaky break issue?

  2. Fantastic video, thanks for making this

  3. Colin Means says:

    thanks for the video man. great stuff and a great help.

  4. I'm considering doing my own brakes for the first time ever and don't have much experience with DIY jobs. I've been a tad frustrated with the other videos because they are poorly done: skipping steps, poor camera angles, poor articulation. For a complete newbie like myself, your video was crystal clear in what I have to do. I'm nervous but think I will give it a try. Thank you for this great video.

  5. NineG says:

    Questionn!!! Can you rotate the pistons in the brakes ( as in is it physicall possible to spin them by hand )when your brushing them to get the dirt of the other side, as theres no point cleaning one when the other side of the cylinders still rusty???

  6. Brilliant stuff. Just changed my front & rear suspension with Tec parts. My family are gobsmacked at "my" mechanical dexterity.
    Andy (a newbie)

  7. Great videos, Delboy. Thanks for going to the trouble. I always watch you do work to a Triumph before doing it to mine. Very helpful and it gives me confidence that what I'm fixing is being done right. Cheers from Kentucky!

  8. Jon Lebel says:

    Should you wipe of the disk prior to re install of the whole completed job.  Probably lots of grime on it as well.  What should I use to clean it off that won't cause the breaks to slip?

  9. Can you put a very light coat of copper grease on the back of the rear brake pads if the brakes are a bit squeaky at low speed? Thanks!

  10. luxlamf says:

    Great advice again, I did the clean up of the pistons etc… before putting it back, brake cleaner and some rags and pipe cleaners and it was dirty, the pins in the drill really worked well, I did it without a vice.

  11. Janek Janek says:

    what kind of loctite using for the screws is it exactly???

  12. Sue RK says:

    All your videos are really educative for any bonnie owner for sure! Got my brake pads changed at the service shop recently. I realised that I could probably prevent some inadvertent brake application and hopefully extend the life of my brake pads if it were sitting a little lower and weren't in a position where my foot inevitably rests on the brake pedal. But for some reason the guys at the service shop said it could not be adjusted. Was looking through your videos hoping for a solution and saw one for the Harley, but was wondering if you have any specific suggestions for the T100. Thanks again for the great videos!!

  13. UP42DAY says:

    Greeting again from Huntington Beach, CA. Thanks for taking the time to do this video. My front pads are right there needing to be changed and with your video I am confident to change mine.
    Appreciate these as always,
    15' Thruxton Ace

  14. kpb96m1 says:

    Hay Moonfleet41, thanks to you I just replaced my break pad successfully. Its something I normally wouldn't have thought I could do myself. Your video was great. You saved me $$$$. Thanks from America!!

  15. djrtx9429 says:

    Bought a '14 Thruxton last summer and have spent much of the morning watching several of your videos.  Very well done. Penny's a great videographer and your presentation if excellent.  I will certainly refer back to these in future.  Thank you.  Daniel J. Roe, Fort Worth, Texas

  16. on BLAST says:

    This was an excellent video. I just recently purchased my first triumph America! I needed to change the brakes and I have never done it before. This video made it very simple. Thank you, looking forward to watching more of your videos. Cheers, from Pennsylvania. 

  17. Ben Hensley says:

    Hi Del, firstly, just stumbled across your videos and thank god I did, have been looking for some easy to follow down to earth guidance for tinkering! Especially useful as I own a 2003 Bonnie T100 and you have Penny's to demonstrate with, or your Scrambler of course. Anyway…

    I'm about to change the front brake pads as I've been getting a pulse like feeling through the brake lever when braking with the front brake, and its not stopping me so well anymore. I figure the pads need changing, and maybe the fluid. I was wondering if you could do something about bleeding brakes, step by step?

    So after cleaning the calliper as per your videos, new pads go in and re-assemble everything. Then bleed the brakes? And how?

    Hope this is possible, sorry if its a stupid question! Thanks again for your videos, great work, keep it up!


    P.S – I can't wait to polish my brake pad retaining pins with my drill, hahaha, great tip!

  18. Karl0010 says:

    The best video for pad replacement I've seen. Thanks very much 

  19. Just want to say thanks for video – very helpful and informative. I didn't need to replace the pads on my Thruxton, but a clean up was needed. I did the front and rear brakes at the weekend. Both were pretty grotty – cleaned up the pins with a drill. Applied copper grease to the backs of the pads which stopped the squealing on the back which was annoying me since I got the back pads changed by the main dealer. I used to do all my own maintenence when I was younger – now I will be doing a lot more thanks to you. 

  20. Hi Del,
    Just wanted to thank you for the helpful tip on freeing up the stuck piston in my brake caliper. It worked like a charm. Front pads snugged up in about 40 strokes. Now on to the rear brakes! Riding season has arrived so need to finish soon. Thanks again! Frank

  21. Yeah, Del, will do. I did pump these brakes at least a hundred times with not much result. I will follow your lead and see if some dirt has cocked up the recalcitrant piston and let you know. BTW, I purchased some DOT 4 brake fluid today just in case. factory manual is a bit vague on use of synthetic though. Any thoughts?

  22. Del, Many thanks for this and all your videos. I just started replacing the brake pads on my '06 Bonnie (6,000 miles). Followed your guidelines to the letter, starting with the front. Everything went smoothly, until I tried to pump the brake lever to seat the pads in. Nothing. Pumped and pumped….and pumped, but no resistance. So I took off the front caliper and pumped the lever to see if the pistons were moving. One did (the lower one) and the other moved, but retracted when I released the front brake lever. It feels just like I have air in the lines. Is this possible?? Or is there something else I should check?? I have changed brakes for years on many different vehicles and have also done complete brake jobs on cars, so I am familiar with bleeding, but never encountered something like this when doing a pad change. This is my first pad replacement on this Bonnie, so wonder if I am missing something….. Appreciate any help. Absolutely love your instructional videos!

  23. Sri Rao says:

    Great video, Del! Went exactly as planned until trying to get the pistons up & back into place. I had to clamp the free piston to get the other one out enough to clean. After some scrubbing and brake cleaner, I had an hour long fight to get them both back into place. One of them was no sweat but the other is still sticking out. Even tried using grips with a rag, maybe I need a larger grip like you used for the Tiger front brake cleaning? Brakes were bled last April, only 2500 miles since then. Any help please, thanks!

  24. james foy says:

    As always an informative video thanks, I was thinking of fitting an up and over rear caliper hanger to my scrambler what you reckon to lease del? Worth the initial shell out and would it be a do able DIY for a returning biker with reasonable ability ? Could do with you doing a walk through video, nice one be good Jamie 

  25. I just did my rear brake two months ago based on this video.  Nice job !

    My only problem is that my rear rotor was getting really hot even if I do not use it.  Possibly the new pads are rubbing against the rotor while the bike is moving. I did not do anything to the fluid as you noted.  Though the reservoir looks to be to the upper line now.  

    The original pads I took off looked to be organic. The new ones I put on are the sintered copper ones.

    These new cintered-copper pads seem really fat.. thicker than the organic pads, but the part number for the EBC brake is what is listed by Triumph.  Maybe there is a narrower rear pad that can be used?

    Anyone have this problem?

  26. kokotiong says:

    Great job on the video and narration.  Thank you!!

  27. MarkyBVFR800 says:

    Cheers MoonFleet41 really enjoyed watching your video's have subbed. Looking forward to moving house in the next few weeks so I have the space in my new garage at the moment its just full. Its going to be a man cave at the new house!! :)

  28. LOL..  I chuckle when you say "spanner"  or  "Cack" !!   🙂

    Boston Bob

  29. renzo r says:

    Thank's a lot Delboy's garage , with your tutorial i changed my pads without a problem. P.S. I am an Italian fan. Grazieeeee

    Best Regards

  30. Robert Robb says:

    nice job! I've got carpal tunnel syndrome & arthritis & I don't have the strength in my hands anymore to push the pistons back in so I use the old pads & a cloth on the back of the caliper and use a c clamp to press them back in. Once they're in I slide in the new pads after removing the c clamp & old pads
    If your disc is grooved like that how bad do you let them get before you replace them?

  31. Bret Snow says:

    just a liittle xtra thing I do before i push the pistons back is wipe a bit of rubber grease on the pistons and then push back and the wipe off any excess …I MADE A CUTOM PISTON COMPRESSING TYPE TOOL IT HAS MADE THE JOB A LOT EASIER 

    great stuff mate

  32. Nice Vid Del, it's strange the different ways we get taught things, I was always taught to remove the lid of the master cylinder in case someone topped up the brake fluid as the pads wore away eg:- a garage, Good Vid buddy RSM8.

  33. ukko2k says:

    Nice one bud…. informative as always …. keep safe – cheers

  34. Nice one Del, Penny's Golden Chariot is going to look amazing for her maiden voyage 🙂 

    I'll think you'll find Del, your toothbrush is used for those tough stains around the toilet bowl ;-)

  35. Copperfish says:

    Ah, the old 'don't forget to rest the pads', a mistake you only make once… nothing will teach you a lesson like approaching a junction and having to furiously pump the lever as you suddenly realise your error! :)

  36. Thomas says:

    Del, you're a shining asset to the riding community. Thanks very much for taking the time to do these vids. I'm going to be lowering my Yamaha Stryker with a set of dog bones soon. Can't wait to see the suspension set upon the Bonny. Thomas

  37. Martin Carey says:

    Hi Del. Spent many hours watching your vids. I love the way you present. Love the wealth of experience you have and share. Love the relationship you have with the lovely Penny, and your good friends and fellow bikers.
    I've been riding bikes for about 30 years, started with a FS1E (like everyone lol), fallen off every early bike in every way possible, riding in ALL weathers, and ended up with a bullet-proof ZZR600 which I clocked up 100,000 miles on without anything more than housekeeping and wear n tear items.
    I'm now seriously considering a GSR750 (naked bike), which looks perfect for an old fatty like me lol.
    Even though I've done all work myself on all bikes (money restraints of course!), including engine re-builds, it's been very reassuring that I've taught myself to do things in the same way you seem to tackle everything, though like EVERYONE that watches your vids, I have picked up some little gems on the way from you!.
    I'm an old-school biker that ALWAYS stops when I see a bike on the side of the road, and have helped countless bikers along the way…It's the only way to be.
    Sorry for waffling, I really just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed watching DOZENS of your vids, and how, without even having any contact with you, i can almost say you already feel like a friend…A fellow old fashioned keen friendly biker…Who goes that extra mile dedicating his (and Penny's) time to educating others and encouraging biking.
    Well done! Thank you! And long may it continue.
    All the very best. Ride Safe.

  38. grey oxide says:

    Will sanding the brake pin wear off the coating and cause even more corrosion ?

  39. I love the drill idea those pins were sparkling!

  40. Len Scapoff says:

    Excellent walk through and a top tip to boot.

  41. Blahdeblah52 says:

    Nice easy job but I still watched it. So now I've learnt that little trick with the drill. So simple, yet so good. Cheers mate!

    Quick question Del. On a totally different matter..
    First service the Other day.(500 Mile) I presume the Old Oil was the Proper Dinosaur mineral stuff. 
    This time round they stuck in Castrol Power Racing 1 Full-Synth. Not too early for that?
    Hey, they are the dealers. I presume they know what they are doing but just wanted to ask.

    Cheers mate.

    Hi Penn 
    xxx ;-)

  42. I'd respectfully suggest checking the condition of the caliper slide pins as well for corrosion and lubrication. Have had 3 bikes and one car where rear brakes have seized or near enough seized to be problematic. Only takes a few seconds once brakes are stripped to the level you have shown.

  43. markgr1nyer says:

    I LOVE DELBOYS' TIPS. Those little sparks of genius common sense don't get elsewhere lol

  44. hdfatboy329 says:

    Another "Very Important" task complete, well done as always !!! I really hope the viewers take heed to what you are telling them, this is SAFETY !!!! Great job brother… Ride Safe….

  45. Nick Green says:

    Is there a year range for pads? my pads are still good but I don't know how old they are. My bike is an 07 sportster.

  46. MrPinkster1 says:

    Great vid del, love the drill trick!!!

    Would you recommend and grease or all in 1 spray on pistons? Just cleaned out calipers on 2 year old gsxr 750 seemed to had 2 each side that were stuck. Brakes feel great now after it all.

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