Delboy’s Garage, Project Triumph #2 ‘On Reflection’

Time to make the second modification to the Triumph Scrambler, this time removing the nine foot long mirrors for something a bit more discreet…


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  1. Barclay Neel says:

    Just put these mirrors on my bar ends thanks to your video and loved how they turned out. Cost me next to nothing and no longer feel like I'm hunched over a Vespa. Much appreciated.

  2. hi, thanks for the video! where do I buy such a fairing washer, if I do not have one laying around?

    Also, is that bolt you used the original OEM bolt from the bar end?

    Thanks for all your help!

  3. turnleft app says:

    Hi buddy. Which mirrors are these? Do you have the link?

    Many thanks

  4. Spent all morning trying to knock hell out of bars on the Bonnie to remove the internal bar weight to fit bar end mirrors
    Oh how I laughed when I watched your video …………… 45 mins later tapped internal hole to 6mm and bar end mirror fitted !
    Note to self watch delboys video BEFORE commencing my next trick
    Keep em coming pls !

  5. Sr Rider says:

    Thanks for recommending these mirrors Del they just arrived today and their great, my old 1s were kinda like yours big round chunky mirrors. Took a little creativeness to install cuz my bars have a welded in weights right at each tip of the bars so I have them installed onto the bars just moved everything in about 1cm works well now and can see everythin 

  6. Bizz says:

    great stuff,have to check mine as im picking up a new set of bar ends tomorrow for my triple,should be easy fit though they are triumph parts im getting!…yep over priced I know!!!

  7. Nigel Dean says:

    This is a great series of vids for me as I've got a Bonnie SE and I'll be watching with interest as your project develops. I had been thinking about the wide bars and the tall mirrors so your video was perfect timing.  Very pleased with the change and the price of the mirrors is unbeatable. Just one thing…I couldn't find anything suitable in my box of bits 'n pieces to plug the hole where the old mirrors were fixed, so I just turn the fittings upside down. Voila!  much tidier.  

  8. Moonfleet41 says:

    yeah me too, but i use sheep skin lined bar muffs, shame but better then frozen

  9. Murkle Man6 says:

    Same mirrors as i have, love them and see much more than regular mirrors, i will be switching to stock for winter so i can fit hand guards

  10. Moonfleet41 says:

    Hi Jason, we only just got away with the weather, the last ride we did was on camera on Wednesday, and on the way home it started drizzling..and it got worse and worse, till we were full speed wipers and 20mph driving home today..made the best of it and had a good time, Devon is a beautiful place. cheers mate, Del.

  11. jason searle says:

    Hope you and Penny had a good few days in my home county of Devon shame the weathers crap,crossed over to your county at the weekend the wife and I took the bandit down to Lyme Regis .

  12. Moonfleet41 says:

    Oh me too mate, beleive me, i would like nothing more than to junk the mirrors, but its just too risky these days.. lesser of two evils i think..!

  13. Not exactly del, id prefer no mirrors at all 🙂

  14. TheMarlind says:

    Hahaha sweet . Thanks alot for always replying to us guys . It means alot to me and im sure to everyone else who folow you guys. You are truly amazing keep up the good work .

  15. Moonfleet41 says:

    Hi mate, that's great news about the Triumph, they're absolutely enormous fun to ride and gives you more of a grin at 40mph than the Hayabusa did at 80! …so a lot safer for your licence and your life (tell the woman that haha!) … another good point with Triumphs is that, like Harleys, they hold their value extremely well, so are a safe investment and there are hundreds of parts you can buy and mods you can make to make it your own! Good luck when you get it, keep us posted!

  16. Moonfleet41 says:

    Yeah, that's my Iron sat there! Del did have an Iron a couple of years ago, but that was sold… back in February I sold my green/white Sportster and swopped it for this Iron… we've done a few mods on it and have a few more planned over the winter months! Penny

  17. TheMarlind says:

    And is that an iron 883 on the left side i see? I thought you guys got rid of the sporty.

  18. TheMarlind says:

    Del friend you got me in big trouble with the woman hahaha . Once is aw the video of your new bike i completely fell in love and drove the next day about 1 hour and half to a dealership that carries triumph and ive decided to save up and buy the same bike because im totally in love with it . But the woman is not hahaha . Love you guys keep up the amazing work .

  19. Moonfleet41 says:

    Thats good to know mate, nice to know they wont just snap off…..cheers mate.. Del.

  20. gnomesworth says:

    Hi dellboy. yea i have those exact mirrors (same box and everything) and my bike got pushed over last week. the mirror survived as it moved in the mount so they are very durable. carry on the good work mate.

  21. Moonfleet41 says:

    Hi Chris, i don't think ill be plugging my laptop in to make any ECU changes, that's all a bit beyond me, im still a carbs and dynojet man im afraid..but ill be sticking the Arrow system on once i get the funds together, and as i bought it from the main dealer, if you buy the exhaust from them they will fit it and set it all up for you freemans..and as much as thats laim, i like the sound of come filters and no air box at all, and i can go there from the dealer remap..still running it in for now

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