Delboy’s Garage, Bonneville Indicator Relocation.

Great little item from, a simple bracket to move the indicators off the head light mounts, and set them lower down the forks. and …


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  1. Haha. Could have used this video last night replacing the front turn signals on my Thruxton. I got there eventually. It was good to see that I in fact did everything right… Thanks for posting.

  2. Hello and once more thank you for your informative videos. I bought some BikeIt Bullet Metal Bodied Motorcycle Indicators and when I got them last week it turnes out the wires are too short so I need to extend the wires. That means I have to supply them with new bullet connector pins but I'm not sure of the size. They don't provide the right size at my local dealers so I must order new ones from the net. I,ve measured them to be 3.5 millimeters, the same as the stock ones. If I order 3.5 millimeters, will I get the right size?

  3. Ariel GB says:

    Much better, will the scrambler headlamp brackets fit this bike? (this question is prob out of date now lol)

  4. Myles Berg says:

    Hey Del-a few months ago I ordered aftermarket lights. I changed out the rear brake and turn signals without a problem, as well as the new front turn signals. At that time I installed the front signals in the original location besides the headlamp. When I later installed the front turn signal relocation bracket behind the regulator, the turn signals wouldn't work. It drove me crazy for hours, as I assumed I had crimped a wire or something until I realized that the turn signals worked when not mounted on the bracket behind the regulator. The regular must have carried a charge to the mount, then to the turn signal, as all of the parts are metallic (unlike the stock turn signals that have a plastic covering that touches the new mount). Do you have any suggestions as to how I can mount the new turn signals on the behind regulator mount without affecting the electrical charge? Should I use rubber O-rings between the washers to interfere with the current passing through to the signals? Or should I use a regular relocation bracket, move it above the horn, then install the turn signals on the bracket? Any suggestions would be appreciated-thanks!

  5. Rob Chisholm says:

    Very useful for a tecnophobe like me. Thanks for all your assistance on here (y) .

    I'm just about to get a Bonnie after having my Speedy written off (Cat D). Want to do lots to the Bonnie, and one of the jobs I think I will want to do is to fit a PAIR of smaller (Thruxton sized?) headlights to the Bonnie, ala the Speedy.

    Is this something you've done, or have any idea's about?

  6. Quite a helpful video, mate. Made doing mine easy peasey Lemon Sqezy.

  7. sorry must introduce myself , just started viewing your vids which i find most interesting, i think triumph had many problems with the regulator that's why they placed them in the position were max air flow was available, i have triumph sprint gt were the reg is placed left side of petrol tank and gets very hot, thinking of attaching temp controlled fan to assist cooling, have you had any problems with such devices

  8. did you move the reg and then put it back?, looking at your vids there seems to be continuity errors with the reg and switch relocation

  9. Kangaroo6 says:

    Hi, I have a 2001 CBR 600.  The indicators have recently started playing up – I hit the switch and the bulb flashes once, then nothing for 5 seconds or so and then they flash normally (both sides do this).  Any suggestion on what I should look at? Thanks, Pete

  10. Sr Rider says:

    new subscriber 😀 I have huge chunky square indicators on my bike that im going to replace along with the big chunky mirrors, my question tho… would u suggest replacing the indicators with after market ones and change the wing mirrors or buy mirrors with led indicators installed on them?    

  11. Thanks I just ordered this bracket, I have also thought about cutting an inch or two off the length of the ugly plastic chrome bit … when i have it apart I will look to see how the black rubber end part is fitted, glued ?

  12. David Holden says:

    Excellent mod and looks much better, that's another item for the Christmas list.

  13. Paul Heagen says:

    Much better look. I hate the stock turn signals — look like Starship Enterprise. Still looking for a similar option to replace the rear assembly. Quite expensive, for some reason. (By the way, I put up a blog last week that you might enjoy about two chaps in the US that had a hugely popular radio show about car repair.

  14. sam blunnie says:

    Oh my dear Christ that's an awesome transformation, now I'm off to the website for a peruse if there wares 

  15. steelfoot427 says:

    penny do you or del miss the Harleys working or riding them and be truthful please

  16. Ryan Donahue says:

    Nice modification. Subtle but really helps the looks of the bike.

    In a previous video you relocated the rectifier. Did you wind up putting it back in it's original location for any reason in particular?

  17. Madogen says:

    Very simple. Very smart.

  18. rockbay79 says:

    The turn signal relocation looks much better! I enjoy the way you two joke around during projects.  I can tell you both have deep feelings for each other and that is great!  I really enjoy your channel but, miss the ride and talks.  Take care my great friends.

  19. Paul Ford says:

    Looks much better, good price too.
    Some bikes when you undo the headlight you cant believe how much wiring comes out. Like on my Hornet lol 

  20. looks a lot better, beats me why it doesn't come from the factory like that.

  21. rockbay79 says:

    Hey Del,
    What do you think of the 2015 Indian Scout?  100 HP off the showroom floor!

  22. KaneTerry says:

    good modification, I have a Scrambler & a Thruxton, the Thruxton bracket is lower & fits with the big headlight.  I ended up fitting a Thruxton bracket on the Scrambler to lower the indicators, also have indicators from the US on the Thruxton as well as a lucas style light 

    Cheers Terry

  23. Nice! .. I did the same with mine. .. Are you going to move the voltage regulator as well?

  24. hdfatboy329 says:

    Very well done !!! 100% different look, a lot better than original.
    Ride safe……

  25. Nice simple mod that looks better, win win 🙂

    However is there a connection with this video and Dukes recent bike modification? Penny threatening to flash and Duke fitting an anti old dear device to his bike, strange things happening down on the south coast 😉 lol

  26. Nice improvement in looks… I think I needs one of those brackets… Thanks for posting the video..

  27. Bizz says:

    excellent man,gotta love the triumph's..,mind you im bias maybe seeing as they were mi dads bike'a choice back in the day.
    hope you n the penny r uber-cool delboy…phil

  28. Nice little adjustment mate. It's the little thing that count LOL.
    BTW what have you got the side stand in ? 

  29. GTs Garage says:

    A couple of inches lower makes all the difference.  Nice vid

  30. Brilliant little bit of kit which makes a massive difference.Nice one :)

  31. pgod1960 says:

    Way better down there for sure. Brightened up the usual Sunday night blues, oh to be free of that one day!!

  32. springy 2112 says:

    Amazing how just lowering those gives a much better asthetic..Before and after poles apart Nice mod…..

  33. tjon901 says:

    I love when you work on the triumphs

  34. Position is way better, and if the smaller indicators will be on, it would be looking "real funky".

  35. Ben 1022 says:

    Very nice little bracket, will look even better when you've got the smaller blinkers on it. I've got the NewBonneville complete running light kit in black on mine. Really tidies up the back end, but need to wire out the indicator running lights. 

  36. Surprising how much it changes the face of the bike, a totally different perspective. Nice work Del. :)

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