Delboy’s Garage, Ace Cafe London, Triumph Day .

Triumph Day at the legendary Original Ace Cafe..! Chilled Choonz by;-


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  1. great video and love the music!!!!! I ride my bonney 100mi a day 5 days a week 12 mo. a year only got two days for cleanin' and wrenchin' and I spend all my money on tires and chains, but that's how it should be…

  2. rockbay79 says:

    Really nice bikes!!! Cool music selection, new to me!!!  Fun day I bet!  :)

  3. Suznet 555 says:

    Nice one, the only downside is you have not got 35k subs just yet 😉 but getting there, at least the weather was kind for you all

  4. Nice one Del, some crackin bikes there, love the cafe Racers and Bobbers, Oh if only my back could take the jolts of a Hardtail I'd have one in an instance, RSM8.

  5. That street tracker at 3:15 is gorgeous :P

  6. adrian valle says:

    Hi guys… Its Adrian here, i'm the guy on the  Bonneville SE black and gold who came a bit late at Ace unfortunately.  It was lovely meeting you guys and hoping to meet you again  next time. More videos from to come from you guys as I've learned a lot on modifying my bike. Cheers again and more power !!!! :-)

  7. springy 2112 says:

    That was great to see .fantastic bikes all round..will join you at some point.. getting there physically riding more now…
    Lovely work as per the norm..
    Thanks …..
    Cheers to the forum Idiots for getting me back on line with the comments …
    Thank you..(you cleaver techy people)

  8. Sweet.. lots of bikes, looks fun, wish I'd been there cuz! Bike of the day, nice one.. well chosen! 😉 RQ

  9. brilliant as always Del thanks…..

  10. GTs Garage says:

    Some lovely bikes fella, the Triumph at the 1 min mark or the HD at 1.51.

  11. hdfatboy329 says:

    Really like the looks of that café,, great shots. Glad you got out, had to be fun.
    Ride Safe…..

  12. Very good mate, i love seeing so many nice bikes, so very well looked after, tell me, is there a cheaper (ghetto fix) way of doing a top yoke conversion, (triumph daytona 955i) rather than paying out nearly 200 quid for a new top yoke?, if anyone can, del can…..regards,

  13. Derek Cruise says:

    Nice one del some of the bike rock the bike of the day top, your old bandit look good with the big spot light cheers del

  14. Joe Eversole says:

    Love that version of Ace of Spades!

  15. I spotted who you sold that case of nasty green spray paint to Dell.ha ha

  16. Great lot of Triumphs Del…  Thanks for taking us along…  The original Ace Cafe…  Would love to be able to say,  Yeah, I been there…  Ride Safe

  17. Great day 359 mile round trip for two Teas and a piss,,, Quality biking old school :)))

  18. It's a great place was taken there by my family for my birthday treat some years ago 👍👍 It's Ace !😂😎

  19. Wow, what a shame we missed this one. That was awesome! On the plus side I did get to ride out to Stonehenge with my brother, set off at 7am, got followed by the fuzz who must have thought we looked an unlikely pair with me on my Harley and my bro on his Honda XR 600 and got a telling off by security at Stonehenge. What an awesome day! RocknRolla

  20. DukeDyson says:

    Damn you're quick, I haven't even looked at my footage yet!  A great record of a day out with some fine Idiots. I think we should do it again soon  :)

  21. fantastic day as always!! great to catch up with the idiots!!!!

  22. rich19633 says:

    Great Video Del, nice to see Damage evolving with the new owner 

  23. A crackin day out after a dingy start to the day.Ended up in a t shirt so it did warm upon in the end. Always great to meet up and chat with like minded souls and just talk bikes.Till the next time…..

  24. Looks like a great time… Love big events like that.

  25. sporty 1997 says:

    Once again thanks for sharing Del. The ace cafe is a world wide icon in the cycle world and a must visit site if ever possible .Hopefully get there one day (well I can dream anyways). But again cheers Del keep them vids coming

  26. bandit_Brian says:

    the Damage still looking good. looked like a good day out

  27. Clint Love says:

    The Turnip is looking good man!

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