Day 4/5 | K2K | Jaipur to Indore | Triumph Tiger

Gear i use : Gopro : Budget Gopro : Sj4000 : Gopro mic : Tripod …


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44 Comments to “Day 4/5 | K2K | Jaipur to Indore | Triumph Tiger”

  1. Ashish Tigga says:

    Nikhil bike zaada heavy hai kya

  2. hey bro,
    can Avenger Cruise 220 go for leh ladakh ?If yes can it be on stock tyres??

  3. MOHNISH GIRI says:

    Nikhil…… awesome ride…….i want ride with u

  4. Vedant Gade says:

    are u goin to have a meetup in pune

  5. jenith mehta says:

    Nikhil to his son: son drive slow…!!!
    Son comes with a mirror

  6. Visit Kolkata Nikhil bro….we are waiting for you…

  7. all the best for further journey

  8. Rounak Gupta says:

    Dear Nikhil sir. i am Rounak from (ASSAM). Kya aap Assam ka ride pai kabhi aaogai. MUMBAI TO ASSAM.

  9. Rohan Jadhav says:

    sachin sir is also with u bro??

  10. Nick Jazz says:

    Why did he say bike is under power? Isn't it over 900cc?

  11. MILIND WALKE says:

    agar bhopal to nagpur highway pe aana ho bhiya to please thoda prepair kar lena kyuki starting ke 100 km road ke 12 baje huye he . have a safe ride :)

  12. right man with the right bike…combination is super cool!!

  13. Can someone plz tell me what soundtrack is being played at the start?

  14. we are waiting for next video bro…

  15. Saudagaar says:

    Hey bro, am not a biker or reside in India. I have never ridden or owned a bike however for some reason I love watching your vlogs and have been following you for a while. Although I'll probably won't ride ever but I'll continue to watch your vlogs. Keep safe and hope to watch your future vlogs soon.

  16. are you going through kerala.?

  17. pooja goyal says:

    110,582nd subscriber 😊

  18. Arvin Singh says:

    hi Nikhil, I am planning to have a trip from Delhi to Lucknow.. on my new Yamaha Fzs v2.0 FI. So I would like to know what are the essential accessories to take on a trip like this…..?😉

  19. you cross ujjain my home and i am waiting for you on ujjain indore highway for 4 hours with my friends

  20. For a biker in india smooth roads are heaven for them.

  21. SAS Media says:

    I think within 2 years you will get golden play button

  22. SAS Media says:

    Nikhil Bhai when you will get silver play button from YouTube??

  23. Shiv hUNk says:

    nikhil bhaiya maximum kitna le gaye tiger ko?

  24. Raj Fariya says:

    sir mumbai meet up kab hai??

  25. It's not Jawahar, it is 'JHALAWAR'….district in RAJASTHAN!!

  26. EMM AAR says:

    happy journey dear and God bless you…

  27. did you had the Indori breakfast POHA at indore

  28. nikhil, which tank bag are you using.?

  29. superb
    Best Of Luck Once again

  30. tanveer alam says:

    "aare yaar kya highway hai yaar" love this line

  31. HimAnsh says:

    Ohh Damn Seriously i missed u when you cross kota city 😢😑😔
    Miss You Dude #Lots_Of_Love #From_Kota

  32. rohit r says:

    was wondering if I missed a day..guess this is the missing part

  33. all the best for your k2k ride
    yours all the rides awesome and like to watch them
    all the best for your ride 😀😀

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