28 Comments to “Darkside Scientific – LumiLor Electroluminescent Coating – MotoUSA”

  1. Gary Good says:

    I have a Nissan leaf (electric car) that would look very cool!

  2. how much of this paint do u need to paint a motorcycle mid size like a shadow. or what bundle would need to be purchased?

  3. DriveFlyRc says:

    I am interested in applying this to a 3D printed application that goes on a Drone. Maybe even possibly applying directly to Carbon Fiber frames. How can we chat?

  4. JBo Airbrush says:

    I'm a professional airbrusher, Iwould like to get my hands on some of this, is there a way to do it myself or does it have to be sent out to get the LumiLor applied to it first??

  5. Crab Hawk says:

    Awesome put a white field and hydrodip flames.

  6. Absolutely Amazing! We could all be driving Tron bikes and cars in the near future. If there is a longevity problem with the paint… this is still a good start. Give the technology time to grow… they'll get it worked out.

  7. chris sisson says:

    Only metal surfaces? A guitar would look awesome with this junk on it.

  8. Purple Pyro says:

    You can also use it for glow dancing!

  9. Mr. West says:

    I have a 2012 Kawasaki ninja 250r that is screaming for this paint!

  10. LoKiMPUSMC says:

    I'd pay good money to have a ghost rider theme, how's the reliability though?  Does it flake off or "disconnect" after awhile?

  11. dean fulger says:

    I have a mustang that you can paint

  12. Tim Gray says:

    Have they fixed the longevity problem?  last time I saw it it will only work for 100 hours before it will no longer light up.

  13. Carl Esch says:

    I would love to have lighting blots on my bike that light up. I would love to have literature of some sort as to possibility, as well as a cost factor.

  14. mike harvey says:

    I need this. now. I live in Tokyo. Help!! :D

  15. Al Rotundo says:

    How could you not show us the look on a bike riding at night?  You sold the steak and forgot the sizzle.

  16. screen print fine matrix of contacts, apply dot matrix of RBG, colors via inkjet, active cloaking device

  17. joeguitargod says:

    This is SO incredibly Bad Ass! The possibilities are endless! This is going to be huge! Where do I invest?

  18. Eric X says:

    Try it on a can am spider. It would look awesome!

  19. Dani El says:

    Man, this could go on like on decals and stuff. Make some cool brake light patterns and stuff. Posters, signs, special effects, this guy's have a billion dollar product here with unlimited potential. Maybe even safety type products for road workers, joggers. 

  20. I would love to have this done to my sea doo.  It would look awesome for night ridding or at sitting at the dock.

  21. philip kelly says:

    As an electrician I would love to sell this to customers…think about a ceiling that lights up wit no ugly fixtures….think about lighting in clubs and casinos….

  22. Supa Blank says:

    Anyone who said nerds cant be cool obviously have no brain to begin with. This is amazing work.

  23. Reverse the technology. The paint absorbs light and churns energy through the wires. Parking lots, roofs become a solar generating field. 🙂 Lots of work for tradesmen. 

  24. Megula 666 says:

    Can you use it as body paint?
    My girl has trouble finding it in the dark.

  25. Please, I'm interested to have this stuff in my pairing business. How to get it?? Thank you.

  26. mizsippy1 says:

    I was wondering how much to do this process on a motorcycle  5 gallon gas tank and one racing stripe on each fender? Or how I get more info/ pricing guide. Y'all have brochures? And is it legal in all states?

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