Cyclops H4 LED install, Triumph Tiger Explorer

Installation of LED headlights in a 2014 Triumph Tiger Explorer. The Cyclops LED headlamps can be found here: …


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  1. ronleon62 says:

    Very nice! People should be aware that there are several other makers/sellers of these LED H4 lights for a lot less than the Cyclops. I installed a $50 set from Amazon on my V-Strom and they are brilliant. Just ordered a set for my new Explorer…Thanks for a good video. Love this bike!

  2. The right side headlight is trickier. Been trying to fit it on my 2015 tiger xcx, but I cant find the clearance to shove all the bits in and then close the lid. Any tips?

  3. kochumvk says:

    Helpful Video. Thanks.

    Its going to be easier on my Street I guess.

  4. your bike looks soo mean with the new light, great video, clear and simple

  5. after watching, i ordered a set and installed them into my tiger 800. your video helped a lot and now looking forward to getting them out at night. Cheers.

  6. Garry Thomas says:

    Did you notice much difference riding at night?

  7. Garry Thomas says:

    Great video my friend. How much were the pair in total? I think i would love them for my 2015. You have enticed me lol.

  8. How did the LED's compare to the halogen bulbs in Hi/Lo beam at night? They certainly looked brighter.

  9. nice video good job i have also a TEX XC 2014 and i would like to know how you fix your mini camera in the front of wind stop

  10. I think you did a good job with the video FL :)

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