34 Comments to “Custom Painted Motorcycle Tanks – (Waterborne Candy)”

  1. Johny40Se7en says:

    Nice finish, did a wicked job, like glass at the end. quite a nice colour too but even though it's waterbased, you should be wearing a tidy air fed respirator and get some bloody whites and gloves on guy.

  2. i like this color and want creat this color ??? any one tell me

  3. Tony Ulrich says:

    what is the prep for repainting a tank, (i.e. sanding, cleaning, etc…) I have a 2012 Yamaha that is Silver, I want to change it up with some custom work, I am a beginner with all of this, and really don't want to mess it up, but I am willing to practice first on other objects. Any and all directions you provide will be greatly appreciated

  4. Hobby- Dude says:

    On primer gun what tip size are you using 1.4 Or 1.8

  5. Question for you:

    Could I bondo over that logo area to make it look like a generic tank?

  6. Ramond Wall says:

    So Candy is basically all in the base coat?

  7. So how do you colour match in artificial light..should have had a solid ground coat..just saying..

  8. gregg ferns says:

    Good straightforward description and instruction,without a lot of the other nonsense contained in other folks vids.

  9. Ron Icard says:

    Gorgeous job on that tank.

  10. Lucky Dog says:

    Is the clear a fuel proof clear?

  11. rona aguirre says:

    how to mix a watewrborne candy paint?

  12. Carl Price says:

    nice tank mate. good job.

  13. VTPROS.NET says:

    what kind of spray and nozzle size do you use? 

  14. Thanks 4 the vid Jimmo! Quick question: how long after u laid the base, did u spray the clear? Thanks in advance! Have A Super Blessed Week!,,,,,Gus

  15. Each coat is allowed 5-10 mins approx to flash off. Thanks!

  16. Keith Hett says:

    DID YOU FLAT OFF BETWEEN COATS, Nice job, please reply thanks keith

  17. Citybikeman says:

    I used to reduce my last coat of clear too before I bought a SATA gun. A high quality gun will lay clear down so good that you won't need to thin it down.

  18. cawamaster says:

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  19. Kevin Potts says:

    Thanks for the vid. I am going to give it a try this weekend and I'll have your video for reference.

  20. nsairbrusher says:

    Is this the new Carizzma candy by BASF? I asked the local BASF dealer if they could get them, and no go (out in NS)

  21. Great video…just joined refinish network and seems like a great place. I've been doin body work for over 37 years….still love it! LOL Keep up the good work!
    -Larry Blackman, LJD Auto Body & Custom Shop, Gibsonton, FL

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