Custom License Plate Mount on my WR450F

When it comes to mounting a license plate on a supermoto, finding a location can be tricky. Many supermotos do not offer any form of OEM plate mount, and you have to get a little more creative to find a solution on your own. Finding a good license plate mounting location may involve some fabrication or drilling.

A good license plate mounting location should have some form of attachment point to the bike. It does not need to be sturdy, but a couple factory bolts that you can attach your plate to will help out tremendously. Make sure you check to see what all options there are for mounting your plate in any location on the back of the bike.

License plate brackets can attach parallel or perpendicular to the surface, some will even allow you to bend or rotate them to a custom angle. When adding these plate mounts, make sure that the option you choose is compliant with requirements for your local jurisdiction, as some locations may have harsh penalties for an improperly mounted plate.

License plates are very light, and generally made of a pretty flimsy material. In some cases, you may be able to bend or fold the plate around the edges of something to help it attach and at the same time meet the requirement. Many motorcycles have very large or unsightly factory license plate mounts. One option is to get a fender eliminator kit to help keep the lines on the bike clean, while still having a legal plate mount.

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25 Comments to “Custom License Plate Mount on my WR450F”

  1. BeRad Moto sells those mounting plates made for WRs

  2. Nice work, I wish we could mount our plates on the under tray in the UK, Hate having the tea tray on the back!

  3. So you said that the right bolt is slightly farther back. To even it out maybe get a thick washer to put behind it? Or does it look even when you look at your plate?

  4. Motarded says:

    BeRAD Moto did it first

  5. Mk2Mike says:

    Nice! Those little bolts worry me though on a thumper. I'd use lock nuts or loctite on them.

  6. EreksonJ says:

    You may have troubles with registration since the plate isn't illuminated. I think that would be a problem here in Utah.

  7. i give you a month before you get a ticket lmfao

  8. What part of CO are you in?

  9. I Wish i could get a plate mount like this in the uk but laws 🙁 you should see the WR's stock plate mount over here, it weighs about 10lbs and is ugly!!

  10. Tiago Silva says:

    Awesome custom license plate 👍

  11. Mike's Bytes says:

    mount the plate to your riding jacket

  12. i would do this, but i go offroading a lot which usually (all the time) leads to having fun in a mud pit, and will completely cover the plate….so that sucks, gotta stick with that ugly thing coming off the rear fender.

  13. beNi Xx says:

    Dont u need blinkes and how did you do the homoligation of holder?

  14. What is that little tank in the heck?

  15. Totti Ruuska says:

    helmet setup? mic quality is amazing!

  16. This is going to be a bit random, but the thought just came into my mind… i'm yet to find a plate mount in the UK and was wondering if you'd happen to have the one that went on the tail light kicking around still or remember where you got it from? I Would happily buy it from you if you do still have it! I need a permanent solution other than zipties lol !

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